Put into operation the third power Kharanorskaya TPP (Trans-Baikal Territory)

November 16, in the area of Trans-Baikal Territory Olovyanninski was commissioned third unit Kharanorskaya power plant capacity of 225 MW. Since its introduction installed capacity reached 655 MW power plant.

On the third unit Kharanorskaya power plant contains the unique equipment to ensure safe operation of the facility and resource savings. Boiler, turbine and generator unit designed by Russian producers in accordance with modern requirements aimed at reducing fuel consumption. 

Entering the third unit will provide power to consumers Trans-Baikal region, including — mining companies, railways and agriculture.
Kharanorskaya plant is located in the village of Jasnogorsk Olovyannikovsky district in the southeast of the Trans-Baikal region near the Onon River and the railroad. The main fuel is brown coal Urtuyskogo Kharanor and coal mines.

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