Put up 270 km of electrified section Poltava — Kremenchug — Burty

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November 15, 2011 Southern Railway opened for operation of the electrified section "Poltava — Kremenchug — Burty."

Reportedly, the translation direction "Poltava — Kremenchug" with teplotyagi to electric will save about 110 million USD. a year, and in the future with a projected increase in traffic — savings of 211 million USD. a year: including 192 million USD. — To reduce operating costs for hauling, 17.5 mln. — By increasing the speed, 0.81 mln. — Reduction of environmental charges.

Thanks to the electrification of the "Poltava — Kremenchug" will greatly increase the power consumption, reduced use of diesel fuel which, in turn, will make transportation more environmentally friendly.

At present, Ukraine ranks 10th among the world countries and 6 — among European countries in absolute length of electrified railways. The share of electrified sections of the total operational length of railway is 45.5%, while the share of electric traction in the total turnover is 89.7%.

According to information in the current year JZ performs tasks on large-scale modernization of the infrastructure for all 20 years of Ukrainian independence. Simultaneously, the training areas "Comb — Poltava — Krasnohrad — Lozovaja — Kharkiv" for the launch of high-speed trains "Skoda" and "Hyundai", where electrification reached the operational length of 176 km, and is held completion of electrification direction "Poltava — Kremenchug" in the section "Small Pereschepino — New Sanzhary — Kremenchug "(operational length of 94 km).

Recall electrification of "Poltava — Kremenchug" is a necessary condition for separation of freight and passenger traffic for the introduction of high-speed passenger trains.

On the site "Little Pereschepino — New Sanzhary — Kremenchug" during the electrification was a large amount of work to modernize the infrastructure of the area (the path alarms and communications, energy, industrial and residential buildings). On stages plot laid 34.4 km of the second track, which improved its throughput.

This year at South Railway built four stationary traction substation. To work attracted many domestic enterprises. In particular, the equipment for the construction of traction substation transformer factory supply Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk company for the production of traction substations, Gnivan plant Spetszhelezobeton, Kharkov Plant "Transsvyaz" etc.


— In 2010, the Southern Railway were transferred to electric traction section "Poltava-South — Small Pereschepino" (23 km).

— End of electrification of "Poltava — Kremenchug" shortest possible transit passage between the eastern Ukrainian interstate transitions and Black Sea ports fully translate to electric.

— Electrification of will improve the ecological security of the country, to reduce the emissions of harmful gas emissions by 77.8 tons per year.

— Translation of the section "Poltava — Kremenchug" to electric allow a 25% increase in bandwidth.

Electrification is a part of the program of technological renovation, which now holds State Administration of Railway Transport.

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