Putin expressed interest in the development of engine production JAMZ-530

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A working meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Governor of the Yaroslavl region Sergey Yastrebov and employee representatives of regional companies on the development of the region. The largest company in the region — Yaroslavl Motor Plant (JMZ) "Autodiesel" "GAZ Group", a member of the business group "Basic Element" — was represented by the head of production design a new family of medium-sized diesel engine JAMZ-530 Ruslan Greeks. 

 "The staff of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant grateful to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin for his support of the project on the organization of production of a new engine family in times of crisis, when the lack of financial resources, the development of key engineering projects were under threat of shutdown. Vladimir Vladimirovich visited the plant in December 2008 during the working visit to Yaroslavl region, and instructed the Russian government to explore the possibility of financing the project implementation in the production of engines 530-th family, according to which in 2009 the VEB loan and allocated 5.8 billion rubles for its implementation ", — said the head of production design of a new family medium-sized diesel engine JAMZ-530 Ruslan Greeks, expressing gratitude to Vladimir Putin for his support of investment activity Yaroslavl Motor Plant.

The site for the production of medium-sized diesel engine JAMZ-530 — the first engine-manufacturing, built in Russia for the last 40 years. The project is the creation of new medium-sized diesel engine JAMZ-530 corresponds to the policy of the state in the field of environmental safety of vehicles (new engines comply with the environmental standards "Euro-4", and in the long term — the "Euro-5" and "Euro-6"). This is a strategically important project for the development of engineering in Russia from the point of view of the industry's own modern component base. Engine family JAMZ-530 is a Russian intellectual property and may be used without restriction for a wide range of commercial vehicles, including the benefit of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation.

Ruslan Greeks appealed to the President of the Russian Federation with a request to clarify the policy of the state to implement environmental standards "Euro-4" for 2013. Market prospects of the project in engine JAMZ-530 is directly related to the introduction of the Russian environmental standards "Euro-4" as required for all manufactured in the territory of art. Technical Regulations of the Government of the Russian Federation assumed the introduction of the country's standards "Euro-4" in 2012, but the introduction was postponed to 2013. All automakers who are potential consumers of YaMZ-530, adjusted the plans to release technique "Euro-4" in accordance with this decision and moved the bulk of procurement of engines for 2013. Due to the postponement of deliveries of new engines in this year's new production of "Avtodiesel" only works in test mode and carries an additional burden on the content production.

"The introduction of fuel standards" Euro-4 "should no longer bear — said the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. — We were forced to postpone the introduction of these standards due to the unwillingness of some industries." The President also said that the postponement of deadlines penalizes investors who have invested in the production with the expectation of the new standards: "It is impossible that these investments stuck. Let us move in that direction."

Putin praised the work of the plant "Autodiesel" to develop a new family of mid-line engines JAMZ-530. He emphasized that this company does not purchase a license for the production of finished foreign engines, and is developing its own developments involving foreign partners, "You are doing very important work not only for the automotive industry, but also for other industries as manufacturing technology will be in great demand. It's great, and we need to help these companies to promote their projects to market. "

On behalf of the workforce Yaroslavl Motor Plant Ruslan Greeks invited Vladimir Putin to the upcoming launch of series production of the new engine family JAMZ-530.


Total investment in the project amounted to about 10 billion rubles. The funds were used to equip the JAMZ most modern equipment and technology. Construction of a new diesel engine manufacturing standard "Euro-4" on the basis of JAMZ was completed in 2011.


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