Race waiters with trays

Company's Latest News: Fathers Grodno finally decided on the Day of the city, which, I remind you, even kings have lived their time. Be sure to "march of labor groups," as well as "the race of waiters with trays." The date came up with "from the lantern," grafted to other holiday, when the "friendship of peoples" in the glorifying of Grodno streets. Two in one word.

Alien passport to Grodno

I'm afraid that the authorities did not think of elementary question — what is, strictly speaking, the Day of the city? This is the day birth, as I understand it. Every now have a passport with a date. The official newspaper carefully, room to room, reports — were born all the officials of the Grodno district center to the last, from the chairman of the executive committee to the head of the department of fertilizers Selkhozkhimia … They say: congratulations! But readers do not need it, they are not interested nachalnichki, write better — when he was born the famous professor, artist, musician, poet, because they — talents of honor, and the officials and their thousands — Pan today, gone tomorrow …

So: Day of Grodno will be from year to mark the beginning of June. Once in a pure form, again — "with a side dish", is associated with the holiday of national cultures and pursued shtodva year. Plus, however, is that the day before the city tied up, as is usually done in regional centers, with the anniversary of liberation from German occupation during the last war. You understand that all pile up was: in the morning the guard of honor, single salvo in the air, near the regional speech of the eternal flame, wreaths, red flags, and then dances and songs from Lenin, kebabs, pasties, disco night.

Only once allowed townspeople Day Grodno in pure form, even with the historical flavor. However, as at any time, for some reason in the middle of September. Stone opened Kolozhi then close with a dedication to Prince David, Grodno, who defended the city against the Crusaders once. This Day remember even half-empty bars in the old town, although people were many of the streets. We were surprised, we went with a foreign friend in a cellar, where we are sad to report that it is forbidden to sell, even on a holiday beer, offered an ancient drink "zbitsen" prabachyvshysya that twenty grams of vodka, too, had to throw from the formulation to the bar is not fined.

Valentine's Day Guberta

If you were born in December, you do not occur to him to mark the day in July when the cucumbers from the garden and tear can sunbathe and swim in the river. Same with the Grodno. It is understood that the city needs to celebrate the holiday on the day of its patron saint. I am convinced that the authorities know: Guberta holy day falls on November 3. Weather, I tell you, there is a rather nasty, with summer not compare. But the celebration of this festival dates at once fills the content, and do not need to invent artificial competition while waiters.

Look in the "Wikipedia", there is a certain reverence even reported that the coat of arms with a deer Guberta saint, patron of European hunters, "has the Belarusian city of Grodno." Like, these cities quite sea. But the authorities did not appreciate. Probably on TV programs about travel and holidays medieval patrons at the same Spain, is watching. And just these festivals attract thousands and thousands of tourists, currency, strictly speaking, about which so wants power. Soviet banal procession of labor collectives will not entice the audience. And the authorities know this, but it is not the right hand of Lenin coat in second-hand clothing.

It is clear that the "labor groups" should be on the feast of St. Guberta reincarnated as representatives of the medieval guilds that existed in Grodno. Must pass a procession of Grodno hunters, the most famous of whom was King Stefan Batory. There must be clear, joust, a celebration of beer, Germans are not fools that "Oktoberfest" is not prohibited. Finally on holiday in zbitsen a must add the appropriate twenty grams of vodka.

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