Radar type Voronezh to intercede on combat duty in Armavir in 2013

Radar type "Voronezh" to intercede on combat duty in Armavir in 2013Radar station (RLS) of "Voronezh"To intercede on combat duty in Armavir (Krasnodar region) in the first quarter of 2013, told RIA Announcements on Tuesday the commander of the Aerospace Defense (ASD), Colonel-General Oleg Ostapenko.

According to the plans of the Defense Ministry, the radar in Armavir should be "cut off" zone of responsibility of the Gabala radar station, located in Azerbaijan. It is planned that the station in Armavir eclipse on the characteristics of the Gabala radar station, and will decide the appropriate tasks to a highest level. Earlier, the commander of ASD stated that station Armavir step up military duty until the end of 2012.

"It (the radar) will be placed on duty in the first quarter of next year, "- said Ostapenko.

Responding to a question about the likely construction of radar stations in the latest generation of Pechora, Barnaul, Yenisei and Olenegorske, Ostapenko said that work on the deployment of new stations go according to schedule. "Schedule approved by the Minister of Defence, variations on it is not" — said the commander of ASD, without specifying the date.

The program creation of a network of new radars highest operational readiness of "Voronezh" is realized in the framework of the state program of armaments to 2020.

At this point the radar "Voronezh" are on alert in Lekhtusi (Leningrad region), on experimental combat duty in the town of Pioneer of the Kaliningrad region and the village Usolye in Siberian Irkutsk region.

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