Rahr: NATO is important to remove Assad if Gaddafi

Rahr: NATO is important to remove Assad rather than GaddafiWestern political elite increases the pressure on Syria and its allies, forcing the latter to abandon support for the regime of Bashar al-Assad. The European Union is preparing to adopt new sanctions against Damascus. The Syrian authorities are accused of massive violations of human rights and brutal suppression of opposition protests. At the moment, the European Union and the United States forced the introduction of intensive international sanctions against Syria.

How far is prepared to go West in support of the Syrian opposition? On this and other issues in an interview with "Pravda.Ru" replied recognizable political scientist, expert at the German Council on outer Alexander Rahr.

— Quite clear that the elimination of one of Gaddafi triumph of liberalism to justify unrealistic. At the moment, followed by a queue is Syria, and therefore pressure on it will not be less than Libya. For the West, the democratization of Syria — even more fundamental and we want to point than the overthrow of Gaddafi and his regime after the elimination of the focus with the respective EU to switch to Assad. Because of course, that the acts of the West against Syria will be very tough and similar to those that we followed with respect to Libya.

— What caused such a reaction?

— The West can not but take into account not only the orientation of the Iranian regime of Bashar Assad, and the security of Israel, which is suffering from the activities of various extremist movements. Already on 1 this is quite enough to explain the significance of the democratization of Syria.

— West talks about the "brutal oppression of popular protests in Syria." Why, then, it is not hard to notice the oppression of the Arab revolutions in Bahrain and Yemen? Is not there a double standard?

— Neither the U.S. nor the EU does not want to strengthen Iran. After the fall of the existing regimes in these countries will be on hand only to Tehran. All this obviously raises some questions. Yet, unlike Tunisia and Egypt, the regimes in Bahrain and Yemen in particular turned out to be surprisingly strong.

— Given to discover the West in mind, what kind of opposition out there who support and lead to the replacement of Bashar al-Assad? Why is there no notice of what your favorites are Syrian "opposition" of the same kind of Sheikh Arouri, whose slogan is "Alawite — a grave, Christians — in Beirut"?

— The problem is that far not all of the West understand the serious danger posed by similar movements, and the degree of their extremism. Obviously, the Islamists have not gone away, and they are preparing to use the fruits of the overthrow of the dictatorial regimes in their own way. But such details regarding the actions of Syrian Islamists in the West did not actually pass. Obviously, if desired, it is possible to meet a narrowly dialogues minority professionals in the Arab East, but, unfortunately, the public such data tend not to endure.

Negative aspects in general try not to notice, especially with respect to various attempts to establish Sharia law, as it is believed that this is all the youth of the revolution that ousted the hated regime in order to build the latest free life.

— But in the case of the fall of Assad and the Islamists coming to power, the interests of the West and Israel will ultimately suffer …

— No need to think that no one gives oneself to a report in the dangers they pose. And in this sense, are already working certain structures and foundations. Obviously, in the West are aware of the presence of such obvious anti-democratic forces like "the Muslim Brotherhood" and want to do everything to isolate them. At the moment, with them being on the subject of dialogue, that they suppressed their own tone. To a certain extent in this direction seen progress. Not accidentally, the same Egyptian "Muslim Brothers" markedly popritihli and hid. Brussels and Washington want to keep the process under control and prevent uncontrolled reaction.

— What Syria wants to create in the long run the West? Some Arab television channels distributed map "Syria without Assad," it is planned to create several small states …

— On Democracy and care Assad said very many. In any case, Brussels and Washington fear a repeat of the Iraq war scenario. This can not be allowed under any circumstances. Then with Iraq made a severe miscalculation of the West. Neuzh it was impossible to foresee that with the fall of Saddam Hussein, who held immediately order the Sunni Arabs, Shia Arabs and Kurds zahochut to live together in the old country? The collapse of Syria as a country is not favorable. But the emergence of similar card reads about the dangers of repeating the Iraqi scenario.

The situation in Syria, as, in general, and in other Arab countries, fragile, and the West, spending their policies in these countries, it can not leave out. Ordinary Europeans error and the Yankees in their actions with regard to the Arab — what they do with them because as if it were a mono-ethnic country, inhabited by a civilization.

But this is incorrect, as we are talking about most of these states. The West is at once the policy here, fully taking into account national and cultural characteristics of this or another country. And when he puts in the first place human rights and democracy, very often ignored by thousands of years of tradition.

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