Raids over resources

Raids over resourcesUnited States in an attempt to survive scamper to the latest stage of relations with other countries — a reaction to the "disobedience" will be instantaneous.

March 28, U.S. President Barack Obama, speaking at the Institute of Public Defense, expressed a few abstracts latest strategic doctrine. Speaking of Libya, he said: "In just one month, the United States, working with our international partners to mobilize a broad coalition, were international mandate to protect the civilian population, stopped the advancing army, warned the massacre and made a no-fly zone, along with our allies and partners. Some idea of the rapidity of this military and diplomatic response gives the fact that, when in the 1990s, people were fierce appeal in Bosnia, the international society took more than a year to intervene with the use of air power to protect the civilian population. We found 31 days. "

Obama announced the fact that the fluctuations of the U.S. elite (which were during the Clinton Bush) Ended. Obama in his speech practically admitted that Washington from the outset coordinated all acts NATO allies. U.S. task — finish to be "world policeman", now this function will take "junior partners" in NATO, they will share the burden with the U.S. control over global resources. Later they have to join our homeland and China.

The ideas of the times Bush — South American plant life style "democracy" power methods — were rejected. The main way of the new world order were so called "color revolutions" (in Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, etc.). Applied and smooth occupation — Afghanistan, Iraq. This transition was outlined in the last years of Bush. With the arrival in 2006 to the place of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

The Pentagon has adopted a more comfortable (not so expensive and expenditure) model reconstruction — have defined it in the work of Thomas Barnett's "Pentagon's New Map. War and peace in the XXI century ". The creator has divided the world into two parts: the first, "stable" — U.S. and more developed democracies, in the second, the "unstable" — all other countries. The role of the Pentagon — to ensure the continued development of "stable" part of the world with the resources "fragile" states, because the advanced countries need resources and undeveloped unable to properly dispose of them. That's such a frank parasitism.

Our homeland will have to maintain a "stable" world, like China, although the Chinese elite can be prepyadstviya because of its nationalist aspirations.

In the "chaotic" shadow zone (which will be a source of survival of developed democracies), the countries of Africa, Central and South America, the Balkans, Central Asia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia decided to donate (apparently, all the monarchies of the Arabian Peninsula), Turkey. Many countries, for the convenience of "sucking the blood" will be dissected. The process has already started — Sudan split into North and South, in Somalia, a new government Azania, Libya will be split into two or three countries.

Seizure of territory will not makes no sense control will be carried out over areas of production or production resources. In case of disobedience, the answer is instantaneous — an example of the Ivory Coast.

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