Ramadan for Dagestan

First week on the basis of the Decree number 44 of the President of the Russian Federation as acting head of the Republic Dagestan Abdullatipov appointed Ramadan. Once this has lost his post Magomedsalam Magomedov, which run the country since February 2010. It is reported that Magomedov, left his post at his own request, although rumors of his resignation were likely to slip in the Russian press still a few weeks before the official reports of the event. Ultimately Magomedov Abdulatipov changed campuses: the first was transferred to work in the presidential administration in Moscow, and the second goes to Makhachkala to start his own recent work.

Ramadan for Dagestan

In the photo — Ramadan Abdullatipov

With full responsibility I can say that the brand new position of Ramadan Abdulatipova — is a severe test for the 66-year-old politician. With all due respect to the identity of Ramadan Gadzhimuradovicha as the personalities of his predecessors as Dagestan favorite, it should be noted that while none of the 1st head of Dagestan did not come out to decide the major Republican tasks with the highest efficiency. Can not say that none of these problems last chapters of the region did not try to decide, but the result of these tests tribute obviously did not reach. If anyone on this occasion there are other considerations, it is now quite dry look at the statistics that can shed light on the situation in Dagestan.

These data suggest that Dagestan now comes a number, speak out so depressed regions. At the highest fertility rates here are present severe economic and political problems. The unemployment rate according to the official data, is about 12.9%, which is two and a redundant times the average unemployment rate of. Dagestan does not enter the number regions in which there is an active investment. Republic is one of the last places in terms of external investment. Dagestan has a budget deficit, which is covered by federal grants. The volume of industrial growth remained very moderate, even in spite of the fact that Republic has everything needed for a real industrial boom.

Financial instability, lack of enough jobs and many other factors lead to the fact that Dagestan soon turned into one of the most unsafe for habitation regions of. In the 2000s, he intercepted a bloody "palm" at the adjoining Chechnya, becoming a stronghold of the terrorist organizations of very different orientation. Intelligence agencies of the republic almost every day to report on winding up the next group of bands, but the number of extremist groups in Dagestan is not reduced. The so-called "Forest Brotherhood" measured gets a "fresh blood" from the Dagestani youth, many of whom are "comfort" in the tenets of design Islamists seeking to set up entire sections of the population against the republican and federal authorities. It must be recognized that while it is in their leaves, and in order to counter this, you need to exert maximum effort.

Of course, that Ramadan Abdullatipov well aware of the difficulties he will face on his own latest posts. And while he did not vsepolnotsennym president, he is still time to reflect on how it will withdraw from Dagestan today, very sorry state. On this account he ex-MP and former Russian Ambassador to Tajikistan, says that he is coming to Dagestan to eliminate theft and corruption, and along with that return the rule of law. It should be noted that it is very sonorous words, and to translate them into reality the policy will have to sweat. Will the clans of those who managed to divide the pie Dagestan, the ability to turn the car's own activity Abdulatipova? — The issue is very severe.

Read that Abdullatipov that the republic is one of the most pochetaemyh people come, see and overcome, unfortunately, apparently not necessary. That hydra of corruption, which is almost Dagestan tied hand and foot, obviously will do everything to make the head of Dagestan and another played the role of an extra in a time when the crime behind him continued to receive everything that the soul rests "on a silver platter. "

Already completely ordinary Dagestani on the pages of the 1st of national publications publish appeals to Acting President of Dagestan. Abdullatipov himself, in his own words, is to pay attention to these requests and to form their worldview of what is now devoid of ordinary inhabitants of the republic. For example, in one of the appeals to Abdulatipova, portrayed in the words of the main objectives of a new favorite: puzzles to return to the country of the world — the world as inter-ethnic and inter-religious and domestic peace. But with all this person going to Abdulatipova, says that the world is impossible to do if the country will not be made for a decent standard of living.

With this hard to disagree. After all, now Dagestan is located in a wicked circle which made with 2 fundamental neuvvyazkami: the relatively low standard of living of the majority of the population and a fairly strong extremist underground. First discrepancy feeds the second, the second — stands in the way of the first resolution. And vpribavok, the solution of these problems makes no sense if complete corruption.

Dagestan corruption — a phenomenon that, unfortunately, is placed in the all-Russian trend. Trading posts, diplomas, tenders, rights to purchase excavation sites, and even … "crusts" disabled. Official statistics says that Dagestan comes to the number of regions in numbers of people with disabilities (including the "fake") for 10,000 inhabitants. The inhabitants of the republic often take out a bank loan in order to get the document on disability immediately on several members of the 1st family. "Fake" disability, as the Umaysat Magomedov Tsumadinskogo of the district, is now often the only way to survive without work. Survive in municipal aid.

Disastrous situation where corruption crime at the top of the region gives rise to, if I may say so, a corruption crime in the home. Corruption breeds corruption, which leads to economic paralysis of the Republic, which could become a breadbasket, and a health resort, and forge not only the North Caucasus and the Russian Federation as a whole.

It turns out that Abdulatipova if he is not going to repeat the mistakes of their predecessors, it is necessary not to find compromises on the ground and bend the line from start to finish. But to say — one thing to do — more. The same clan favorites apparently unwilling to suddenly jump on the rails of a legitimate business, a legitimate policy. After all, where the law is necessary to work, and who is of Dagestan "godfathers" used to it. And utter: Ramazan, you say that you need to start work honestly? Well, it's not! Nonsense, of Ramadan. We respect you as a person, and you have, brother, usvoy. We would collect the cream, but the cream to share these Intermedia myself, and you are his philosophy divorce …

Now many in the media about publishing materials that are reduced to what Abdullatipov, probably not the kind of person that is needed in this situation Dagestan. Say, here it was not necessary to appoint a doctor and a diplomat acting as a minimum, military general, who would have restored order in Dagestan steel hand.

And would impose? .. Ingushetia for more than 4 years of fighting general leads, but so far, unfortunately, with an "iron hand", leading to economic prosperity, things h
ere are not the best things … Niskolechko without diminishing advantages, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov hunt to see that from time to time and "fighting generals" are powerless against the prevailing local events.

In this regard, do not get ahead of ourselves in a priori estimate of Abdulatipova for him on the new post, and sincerely wish Ramazan Gadzhimuradovichu fortune in his difficult task. Oh, difficult! ..

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