Ramzan Kadyrov said that without Putin hosted on territory of Russia to NATO troops

Ramzan Kadyrov said that without Putin in Russia hosted a NATO troops

According to the views of the Head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, without Vladimir Fishing season on the ground of the Russian Federation has long been commanded to troops NATO.
One of the favorites of Doku Umarov said he ordered his men not to make attacks against the civilian inhabitants, citing the fact that in Russia experiences the civilian protests related to the rejection of the political course of Putin.

Head Chechnya Kadyrov immediately react to such a statement, calling it "the height of cynicism and immorality."
He said that it sounded from the lips of a terrorist, who announced his own involvement in many terrorist attacks that have killed hundreds of people. Doku Umarov in nothing puts life kids, ladies, old men. It is a concrete enemy of Putin, because with the advent of the Vladimir V. ended the era of anarchy and chaos in the country. Kadyrov said that has long gone are the days when foreign mercenaries RF felt "like Tiffany's bosom."

According to the views of Kadyrov, Putin specifically dealt a crushing blow to the countless terrorist squads that flooded the North Caucasus.
Thanks to its tougher approach to those who are engaged in war against the civilian population, administrative heads and religious leaders, managed to turn the tide, kill thousands of foreign mercenaries who have been trained in the elite centers of intelligence. Without Fishing season Our homeland has to exist as a unified government, and there would sway those who are now "tanks utyuzhat Afghanistan, Iraq and the Arab countries."

Kadyrov also said that great efforts have been made to restore the economy and social sphere. It was all made in order to "restore faith in the best possible future of Chechnya and Russia."

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