Rating flatterers, 2011 at the address of the ruling tandem: Kadyrov again ahead

Rating flatterers-2011 against the ruling tandem: Kadyrov again aheadOn a typical yearly ranking of best sycophantic sayings in the address of the ruling tandem again came as representatives of the "United Our homeland" and figures of culture and art, as bureaucrats and clerics. According to preliminary data, while the head of the leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. In the past year, readers of the magazine "Power"Awarded him the victory over obsequious expression of the Prime Minister:" My idol — Putin. He and a Chechen, he and Russian. And he gave us all on this earth. "Now Kadyrov remained faithful own idol and spoke about it more soft-spoken." If he did not, then I would not have been, "- said the Chechen favorite edition reports NEWSru.com.

Second place last year took the head Rosmolodezh Vasily Yakimenko with his own phrase which has become known that people with inordinate appetite robbing the country and Putin. This year Yakimenko scored only scandal with the "restaurant video," the brightest sycophantic phrases out of his mouth was not seen.

But the self-flattering rhetoric remained true to Lipetsk Region Governor Oleg Queens. Last year he celebrated the wise policy of the tandem, this year — said of Putin's permissiveness for the benefit of the country. Feature of today's rating was the fact that he got one of the members of the tandem — President Dmitry Medvedev praised the Prime Minister. "Authority" publishes preliminary results for candidates you can vote on the website of the publication.

10 best flatterers 2011 — first results

1. Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen leader — 15.36%
"If he does not (Vladimir Putin. — Ed.), Then I would not be."
In an interview on April 5th, "Interfax".

2. Oleg Queens, Governor of the Lipetsk region — 14.83%
"The prime minister permissible to all that is necessary for the country."
February 21 in an interview with "power."

3. Talgat Tajuddin, Grand Mufti of — 10.38%
"They say if uzreesh Sultan, the ruler of your country, in a dream, means God is pleased with you. And we personally litsezreem!"
November 19 at a meeting with Dmitry Medvedev in Ufa.

4. Vladislav Surkov at the time of expressing the first deputy head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation (now the acting chief of staff) — 9.55%
"I think, frankly, Putin and the man who was sent by the Lord, and the fate of the Russian Federation in its most difficult hour for our large common civilization."
July 9 interview programmke "Dialogues" STRC "severe."

5. Alexey Filatov, vice-president International Association of Veterans antiterrorist unit "Alfa" — 8.26%
"Always in the critical moments for the Russian people dumped on us the grace of God, including in the form of control. Putin is such grace. Where would we be without it rolled down, God knows."
July 18 in an interview with "power."

6. Nikas Safronov, a painter — 6.15%
"Putin has stood up our people."
July 18 in an interview with "power."

7. Igor Leonov, manager of the faction "United Our homeland" in the State Council of the Komi — 6.04%
"Putin — a real favorite of the public, it is the core of our party, the guarantor of stability and development in the country."
27 November to the end of the Congress of "United Russian Federation."

8. Pavel Astakhov, authorized the President of the Russian Federation for Human toddler — 4.81%
"It's nice to work with a specialist: a terrific lawyers, politicians, Man! Get Well!"
September 14, congratulations to Dmitry Medvedev with days of birth.

9. Stanislav Govorukhin, director — 3.69%
"The Russian Federation need a manager brave, strong, smart, capable not only to protect the rights and freedoms of the people, and remember all of their obligations … and such people we have — this is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin."
November 27 at the Congress of "United Russian Federation."

10. Dmitry Medvedev, President of — 3.46%
"Putin — the most popular, the most experienced and successful politician of modern Russian Federation!"
November 27 at the Congress of "United Russian Federation" in the nomination of candidates for prime minister in the presidency.

While not included in the overall rating, but worthy of mention sayings

1. "Both of our favorites are in the golden age that all allegations of opponents about the fact that they lost someone to manage the state, seem to be very little absurd."
Chairman of the Farmers' Union of Tver region Svetlana Maximova October 1 interview edition of "Tver life."

2. "I'm very happy, very proud of what I see our real favorite, high-skilled, beautiful companion Vladimir Putin."
Duma deputy city neighborhood Bui (Kostroma region) Misha Dushyn March 4, at the conference "United Russian Federation" in Bryansk.

3. "Putin — is flexible and far-sighted politician, whose words with deeds … crawl Putin — is the stability and prosperity of the Russian Federation."
Managing the administration of the town of Barrow, Alexander Yakushev November 29, in an interview with "Kurgan and Kurgantsy."

4. "Such a strong, charming, energetic Very sorry that he (Dmitry Medvedev -" Authority ") leaves the presidency. Think it will be a great loss for Russia! We have no control Thanks to him I became interested in politics, because the election I will vote for the "United Russia", I always sympathize with his idol! "
The winner of Miss Mordovia — 2011 Xenia Potapov November 22 interview with the weekly "Capital C" (Saransk).

5. "He made our party people joined his course of. With the name Vladimir Fishing season related to many achievements, victories, and the prospects of successful development of the Russian Federation. "
State Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov, Nov. 27 at the Congress of "United Russian Federation."

6. "We are not bosses, we — the Wrangler. Did you do a lot of stability. Should have the courage to do what you did: go out and offer the presidency of Vladimir Putin."
Chairman of the Coordinating Center of Muslims of the North Caucasus, Ismail Berdiyev November 19 at a meeting with Dmitry Medvedev in Ufa.

7. "For Putin, the main thing — the welfare of the country, and not a competition with other favorites. Than longer it will run the state, the better for the Russians."
Member of the Bureau of the supreme council of the party "United Our homeland" Valery Ryazan October 3 in an interview with "power."

8. "I was waiting for the" United We homeland "overcome by 70%, not less. But it is a choice of our people, and I listened to him, I respect him, I obey him. I know for sure: RF need a strong guarantor, Russia needs a strong favorite, the Russian Federation Putin needs. "
Pilot-cosmonaut Maxim Suraev December 12 rally in Moscow.

9. "The two most brilliant politician, two favorites on a national scale in his own gaze on things on the global processes. But mostly, they are united in a fundamentally., And this is something strong.&
The governor of the Krasnodar Territory Alexander Tkachev March 28 interview with "Power".

10. "You are a sports person, and with all this majestic fighter and a builder."
INTERNATIONALLY Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge on June 15 at a meeting with Vladimir Putin in Geneva.

11. "We Fishing season leaves are arranged so that all the people together to do good of the country. I am amazed at his logic, conclusions and suggestions. You come out from the meeting with his role and think: "Not just because it came to power!"
Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Federation Affairs and Regional Policy Rafgat Altynbaev October 3 in an interview with "power."

12. "Property of a seven-year offspring I recommend equated to the president. Medvedev — a good example to follow, and it's patriotic and it's true."
State Duma Deputy Speaker Svetlana Zhurova April 11 in an interview with "power."

13. "Putin — a handsome man. Confident, competent, in a good sense, persistent. And, most importantly, this all your own actions, a powerful personality who always takes the municipal approach."
The head of the trading company "Titan" Vadim nonsense July 6, in an interview with the newspaper "Youth of Buryatia."

14. "I am with great respect for Putin — is the ideal policy."
Tiraspol City Council deputy Vladimir Buchko September 30 in an interview with the news agency "Lenta PMR."

15. "Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin — is a person who should always remain in the leading position."
State Duma deputy Lena Lapshina March 28, in an interview with the online edition Slon.ru.

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