RCP (B), Zionism and Stalin

RCP (B), Zionism and Stalin

Often you can meet the claim that the Bolsheviks were Jews who sought to cash flow prominent circles hurt the Russian Empire. Some truth in this is — for example, the infamous Leon Trotsky (Leiba Davidovich Bronstein) received a rather big amount of Jewish bankers, namely, from the Schiff base. But, the Jews — members of the RCP (B) is very common to change the party line could not. Up to a point. Then follows an excerpt from a fairly decent edition — "Generalissimo" Karpov, is a detailed description of Stalin. So:

Was in the Russian history of the country such point that many significant ordained tragic consequences. And the most unusual that this crucial episode made a subtle, put a lot of effort to even put him not only from the people, and from members of the party.

What did happen?

Among the many organizations and parties during the February and October revolutions was Jewish Communist party (ETUC). She acted separately, apart from the Communist Bolsheviks, Mensheviks and other parties who sought to convert and bring happiness to Russia. And the fact that the PAC with no one united and not to block, indicates the presence of a Jewish Communist own particular purpose, are identical to other revolutionary program notes. More precisely, even to speak out like this: being called a Jewish communist, this party in the official charter and the program there was befitting rhetoric, but in reality was a Jewish Zionist organization, which put a clear task: in the murky waters of the revolutionary multi mess to get to power and perform age-old Zionist dream — to take over Russia, with its vast territory and natural resources .

But the actions are such that prevailed in October the Bolsheviks. Jewish Communist party a couple of years remained seemingly irrelevant; Bolsheviks seized with not only the power, and the minds and hopes of the peoples living in Russia.

But in limbo ETUC was short-lived. Overseas hosts, "They", she found a very profitable use: pour it in the CPSU (b), the more so that in most of the CPSU (b) there were many Jews, even if they were not Zionists, but their primordial indisputable rule (and even the law) — to help, pull through each other — allowing expect that Jews will bolshevikn-FLS true "call of the blood" and will contribute to the PAC reception in the CPSU (b).

But Lenin with his characteristic foresight to realize, to aspire to the Communists-Zionists and what the implications of this association. Lenin categorically rent the ETUC and sample some of their own supporters, who raised the issue. At the same time, Lenin reflect such intentions than once.

But when Lenin was living out the last days, Trotsky (Bronstein), Zinoviev (Apfelbaum), Kamenev (Rosenfeld) is still dragged ETUC in the CPSU (b). And they have done so expressly, as long as Lenin was still breathing, so that in the future based on the fact, as if the union came during Lenin's life and Tipo with his consent. Although in reality, Lenin, due to illness, has retired and this is nothing knew. And even Stalin — General Secretary — has not been made known.

At the January Plenum of the Central Committee of the RCP (B) in 1923, among other issues was another report Stalin's Politburo and the Central Committee of the Secretariat. The meeting of the Politburo and the Central Committee, according to the established tradition under Lenin, led the head of the government Kamenev (Rosenfeld).

Suddenly, all those present Kamenev (Rosenfeld), said:

— Political Bureau considers the first question, instead of the report of Comrade Stalin, to be informed about the situation in a friendly to us of the Jewish Communist Party.

It is time, comrades, when no red tape should make all members of the ETUC member of our Bolshevik Party.

Members of the Central Committee of silence. Stalin was taken aback: Kamenev read on behalf of the Politburo, but with him, under Stalin, the question on Politburo not ascended.

Means there was some extraordinary lurking meeting, and perhaps this did not exist.

Pause somewhat delayed. Stalin realized: to come out openly against it, is to incur the hatred of those who want to push the party, and along with those who promote them from within. But it was impossible to remain silent, the silence — a symbol of harmony.

Stalin asked him to give him the floor. With his characteristic ingenuity in critical Minutka he said:
— I do not mind receiving a few thousand Jewish members of the Communist Party of the Russian Communist Party of Bolsheviks. But the reception should be no violation of our charter — in other words personal.

All the new entrants, under the statute, must submit tips 5 members of our party with five years' seniority. I say this because in the program of the Communist Party of Jewish recorded: the Jews — God's civilization, designed to manage the entire international Jewish labor movement. In the ETUC accepted only Jews. Need to come into our party and all the ETUC Congress refused to own in public by the Zionist objectives own applets.

Trotsky practically leapt from his chair and, with his characteristic expression, clear and loud voice lashed to Stalin:
— There is special case. What Stalin says, is actually implemented. At the December Plenum of the Central Committee of the ETUC in 1922 a decision: to abandon the Zionist party and applets to request the admission of the party as part of the Bolshevik Party. I think it is impossible, as advised Stalin, developing our joint activities with confidence, it will be hurtful.

Right behind Trotsky (Bronstein), Zinoviev rose (Radomyshelsky-Apfelbaum), it was not only the chairman of the Petrograd Soviet, member of the Politburo, and also chairman of the Executive Committee of the Comintern.

— Since the PAC's own plenum rejected the Zionist applets — assured Zinoviev — The Executive Committee of the Comintern could see the appeal of PAC and PAC advises merge with the RCP (B) on the basis of the statute and its applets. The Executive Committee of the Comintern adopted a corresponding decision. I'm going to read it. — After reading the document, Zinoviev concluded: — This Makar, the decision of the Executive Committee of the Comintern, and it certainly made for the RCP (B.). In vain friend Stalin trying to complicate the issue.

Stalin was aware that he and his supporters are in the minority, and in the case of his persistence Trotskyists can play with it a cruel joke, right before removal from the post of Secretary-General. Still, he said,
-It is necessary to charge someone Kuibyshev (Chairman of the Party Control Commission) earn conditions for admission of Jewish party organizations of the Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks).

Presiding Kamenev (Rosenfeld) found it was a done deal and offered to go to the next question:
-Heard a report on the work of Comrade Stalin's office Politburo.

, Kamenev, as usual, again stressed that Stalin only just managing "the office."

Lenin did not vyznat of the decision. About it at all tried to quickly forgotten, it is nowhere mentioned later, is not included in the collections of Party documents. But the significance of this episode was outside of insignificance for the upcoming life of the party and the Russian Federation enormous. 10's of thousands who joined the new "communists" were true, reliable associates Trotsky and his followers in the struggle for p
ower. They, with the assistance of their own half-brothers rapidly promoted and in a year or two are senior officials in the district, regional and Union and the Party Central Committee, Russian government agencies, ministries and agencies, prosecutors, the courts, the army and even the GPU.

The Trotskyists were everywhere. They spent their single line to discredit Stalin and his associates. It seemed that his fate is sealed in the near future it will be removed from the affairs. But the actions are such that Stalin, despite hunches Trotskyites, suddenly found a new and very significant additional authority in the party. He was a strategist, not climb into a hassle in the open.

On his initiative, the Plenum of the Central Committee of the RCP (B) adopted the appeal "To the Party, to all workers", it issued a call: "The working of the machine, persistent advocates of proletarian revolution — go to RCP! Proletarians! Please send in the ranks of the party the best, best, honest and brave men! "

In came a new batch of young forces that are not infected with plague Trotskyism and opportunism. It was entered into the history of the party "Lenin Enrolment": the total number of communists — 735,000 in 1924 — 241,591 were members of Lenin's appeal.

I think a more accurate title would be "Stalin's appeal" because of Stalin's idea was based on his incarnation, and a new addition has become a reliable support to Stalin in the forthcoming work and the fight against opportunism, and in essence, with the opponents of. New addition was a worthy counterweight and an old Trotskyists who fought with Lenin during his life, and those whom they dragged to the party after the revolution — Communist Party members of the Jewish Bund, Repainted Revolutionaries, the Mensheviks and the other.

I think that the passage in the comments do not need it. It remains to add that the Jewish Trotskyists did their best to discredit the Soviet party in the eyes of the population. Namely, the solutions of the RCP (b) were brought to a complete nonsense. If collectivization — that will be shared, even chickens and ladies. If cleaning the party — that the massive denunciations and executions.

Rotten to the 1917 Zionist plan to seize the Russian Federation was launched at the end of XX century. It is only up to us whether we resist him.

The paper material used books Karpova "Generalissimo"

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