Re-search in Mozyr activist

Today, three employees Mozyrskogo department of Homel KGB officers searched the apartment and the private home of a local activist of the United Civil Party Leonid Orlov.

Eagles"This is the second search warrant for the last nine months. Today, even the security officers took me from work and was taken to my private house on the street Sermon. And then, when the mobile phone was dropped at the request, went first to the apartment. "

During the search, the activist took about fifty portraits of former presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk, a few leaflets Vladimir Neklyaeva and other candidates.

Eagles"I have already taken and there was nothing, because the computer, copier, fax security officers took in May last year, shake when activists of the campaign " Tell the truth . "I asked them to leave for the history of at least one copy of leaflets candidate. Operatives in response promised to return all printed materials. But when it is not specified. Most likely, be it as a technique. "

Leonid Orlov believes that searches for people who were not even on the area, intelligence agencies seek to sow fear in the community — that no one anywhere has neither political nor social activities.


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