Reconnaissance aircraft Gulfstream III N30LX for Italian Air Force

Air Force Italy have leased for 12 months scout «Gulfstream III». Plane is given in the lease by the American company "Lockheed Martin". Paid-plane was 2.5 months based at the airbase «Pratica di Mare», owned by the Italian Air Force. Rental Price up to now not advertised. Under the lease several Italian crews were trained in 2011 in the United States.

Reconnaissance aircraft Gulfstream III N30LX for Italian Air Force

Transferred aircraft — Gulfstream III N30LX with the serial number 438. Earlier, in 2010, the aircraft was demonstrated by "Lockheed Martin" in the air show in Farnborough. He received the title multiintellektualnoy flying laboratory. It was performed on the basis of production aircraft G-1159A Gulfstream III, used in the civilian sector of private air travel. The main configurations:
— complex electronic intelligence;
— opto-electronic sensors;
— transmission system.

Now the Italian Air Force has only one reconnaissance aircraft G222 SIGINT. Although he was quite out of date, its last year used in the operation of NATO forces in Libya. Known intent to acquire the Italian Air Force aircraft «Gulfstream SIGINT» to spoof «G222 SIGINT», the life of which is in 2012. But due to budget constraints acquisition was delayed, and as a candidate rented Gulfstream III N30LX.

Reconnaissance aircraft Gulfstream III N30LX for Italian Air Force

Aircraft Gulfstream III created on the basis of the aircraft Gulfstream II. Main developer «Gulfstream Aerospace». The first flight of a new personal aircraft made 12.02.1979 year. Of the features of Gulfstream III, include:
— a new wing;
— supercritical profile;
— winglets.

The crew of the aircraft:
— two pilots;
— on-board engineer;
— navigator;
— two operators;
— watching.

Power Plane — two turbofan engine from Rolls-Royce «Spey RB.163 Mk 511-8». Overall take-off thrust 10342 kgs. The engines are located on the pylons of the horizontal, which are at the end of the fuselage. In store full of jet fuel is 15.8 tons. For the military option on the basis of the option set additional equipment, such as radar, associated with the autopilot means bortovik and IOS. When using the aircraft for the Special Mission for search and rescue platforms to rescue the size 60H60H90 cm establish the necessary gear and equipment that is later sent by parachute through the cargo hatch in place of rescue operations.

Reconnaissance aircraft Gulfstream III N30LX for Italian Air Force

— a civilian version of the G-1159A — the main purpose — the plane for personal use or representative aircraft.
— military version of the C-20A — was used until 2002, passed by NASA, which uses it as a test aircraft;
— military version of the C-20B — was created for the needs of the Air Force and the U.S. Coast Guard. The main purpose of «OSA» and «SAAM»;
— military option P-20C — S20V is an upgrade, the main purpose — maintenance or replacement of aircraft «VC-25A» — «aircraft number one";
— With the military option-20D — is the aircraft operational support to the naval forces of the United States. The main purpose — delivery of higher management of the CPA;
— military version of the C-20E — is the aircraft operational support of the United States Army. The main purpose of «OSA»;
— military version of CDS-1 — special plane for surveillance and reconnaissance zabugornyh supplies;
— military version of SMA-3 — special plane to Denmark (three copies). Mounted radar «APS-127." The main purpose — intelligence, patrolling coastal areas, fisheries protection, search and rescue missions, VIP-planes. Delivered in 1983. At present, aircraft taken out of service.
military version of C-20F — aircraft for the U.S. Army;
military option C-20j — plane for the U.S. Army;
— military version of C-20G — aircraft for the U.S. Navy;
— military version of C-20H — aircraft for the U.S. Air Force;
— special variant of G-III UAVSAR — unmanned test aircraft for NASA;
— special variant of G-III UAVSAR
— a special version of 3-SMA-3 aircraft. Former Danish aircraft are now owned by an American company «Phoenix Air», whose headquarters is housed in Georgia. Planes are used for the collection of disk imaging in favor of the Missile Defense Agency, the U.S. DoD. In planes installed new equipment exploration and research;
— special variant N30LX. Made as multiintellektualnaya flying laboratory in favor of the "Lockheed Martin". The aircraft have brought some changes and added / changed equipment;
— a special version Gulfstream IIIs for the Indian Air Force. Equipped with modern equipment and cameras.

The main features:
— wing of 23.7 meters;
— length of 25.3 meters;
— height of 7.4 meters;
— weight min / max — 14.6/30.9 tonnes;
— speed patrol / cruiser / max — 540/820/928 km / h;
— range — 6.7 thousand kilometers;
— the ability of air travel — 8 people;
— residence time in the air — 8 hours;
— 13.7 km altitude ceiling;
— operators — about 20 countries in the world.

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