Record warm spring the U.S. and Europe no one noticed

Extremes of temperatures in the continental United States indicate that in 2012 made up only warm. (These NOAA.)

May 15. In March, most of the continental United States established an unusually high temperature. Were beaten numerous regional records, and in the end it was the warmest March in the country's recent history. April picked up the baton. Virtually all of the rest of the world looked at America with complete amazement.

The current global warming began in the 1970s. NASA GISTEMP service compares the current temperature of the planet to the average of 1951-1980 years. So, the average figures of the year are above this base since 1976, and months — from 1994. U.S. climate generally was on a par with the trend.

However the U.S. accounts for a relatively small part of the planet. Could well be the case that the country has experienced a temperature extremes, and the rest of the world did not notice. That is what happened in the spring. In fact GISTEMP says that the average global temperature is approximately equivalent to the previous year, that is much lower than the result of 2010, which was the warmest in history.

By the way, the service allows users to NASA set their own baselines. The one chosen officially, is not well suited to assess the most recent trends. For example, you can rely on the years 1990-2005, when the current warming was in full swing, and see what was going on in the U.S. compared to the rest of the world. The picture you see below, it is very interesting.

Climate models are constantly predicting that the greenhouse effect will be felt disproportionately in the polar regions, and these predictions generally appropriate. If we ignore the pole, then the March thaw, in addition to North America, said only the north-central part of Western Europe. Rest of the planet did not see anything unusual.

In April, as we can see (below), North America remained warm, but not so, while Europe has cooled down, the heat and the center shifted to Russia. The rest of the world is still a mixed picture, close to the base average.

The funny thing is that the citizens of the U.S. and Europe, in their own skin will feel unusually warm spring, are now more willing to listen to the Heralds of global warming, while the Russians had a good laugh over the scientists watching the April snow. In fact, on a global scale is nothing special happened.

Something similar, by the way, was in 2010: the northern part of Canada, North Africa, Middle East and Russia suffocated by the heat, while in the U.S. the strongest prevailed normal temperature, while in Europe it was even a little cooler than usual.

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