Reflections on the elections. Interview

Reflections on the elections.  Interview

Russian liberals and journalists to protect "democratic values", raised the real barking at the announcement of the nomination of a candidate for president, Vladimir Putin. Which is just mud was poured into the near future on the current president! Criticism Medvedev sometimes crosses the scope of any decency. Quote some of its standards, from the mouth of recognizable and pochetaemyh in certain circles of people, I will not for ethical judgments. Individual creators, for example, Alexander Golovenko, blames the current president in quite unimaginable things. For example, in his article "Medvedev deserving for our contempt for cheating?"This journalist accuses the president of" blasphemy ": that he" swore on the Constitution of the country to respect the rights and freedoms of the people, serve the people well, although it in fact did not dream. " I do not think that the president spent the whole period, in a slipshod manner, and screwing on the nut and limit the "rights and freedoms", including the possibility of pouring himself gryazyuku read in general is not necessary: the fact of the occurrence of similar items already in itself for itself testifies presence in Russia of those "rights and freedoms".

A striking evidence of honesty Medvedev, his state of absolute liability is, in the views of the majority of people adekvatnomyslyaschih, his behavior during the operation to force Georgia to peace. On one of the nedavneshnih meetings with supporters Medvedev personally thanked Hero of the Russian Federation, a member of hostilities in August 2008, the commander of a tank company Yuri P. Yakovlev. Hero RF thanked the president for what he did not let his own subordinates, did not give the command to retreat, when it was already practically decided. President acted as befits a strong, conscientious and responsible Russian ruler, he threw his army. Recall how massive it was pressure on Russia at that time. It is hard to imagine that Medvedev had to endure in those days. Take at least a visit to Tbilisi in the midst of conflict, managing several anti-Russian states, including the brotherly Ukraine. It was definitely a strong move enemies of. But the fact that our homeland with dignity and even triumph came out of a difficult situation — a fact undeniable. This is visible personal reward President Medvedev.

Medvedev is not perfect, as though what the manager, and even more the ruler of Russia. He can not be much. Medvedev — almost everything an idealistic dreamer. It can be fully charged with a certain detachment from reality. Medvedev style — the style of intellectual capital, poorly representing the people's lives. Is not it hard enough to imagine Medvedev at the wheel of a tractor with a hand smeared in black oil? Fishing season — Please. Medvedev — No. From this fair criticism regarding discussions on the modernization of the country. Sarcastic remarks like, "What is modernization?! On our way to the rubber boots do not go, not like a car to drive. And it is 100 kilometers from Moscow! What he says!? "Fully justified. That's why the country once again came in handy household Putin, the real Russian a man who knows a thing not in the advanced phones you, and heavy equipment, he is not afraid to drive the works of the Russian car industry and boldly push off to fight the bad roads.

As for the liberals panic about amending the Constitution to extend the presidential terms of opportunities to 6 years (another reason to curse the address Medvedev on the part of some "democratic forces"), in this regard, they can be a measured not so much 6, and every 200 years. The Russian people had suffered because of the liberal Democrats in the nineties, it is unlikely that will vote for the candidate of which at least a little smell or chubaysyatinoy nemtsovschinoy, and the terrible, God forbid, novodvorschinoy! If we talk seriously, and do not forget the fact that our homeland — country with a long tradition of succession of power, in other words, inherited the autocracy, the 6-year term in office, even very small in order to be unreasonably long.

No need to associate our country with America and France, which are able to be empowered to prosecute its own end-of-life management who gave the people of his own country's health and strength, with all my heart to serve the people and became in an instant awkward and somewhat guilty for the sake of someone's political interests. We already had the 1st regicide, for which we expect to have for generations to come. This path is not for us.

The nomination of a candidate for the presidency of Putin, not Medvedev's not cheating and not Stealther stroke power. This is a natural reality, the result of the fact that in Russia unrealistic application of those principles to achieve continuity of power that exist in the so-called "advanced democracies". In the presidential fully able to put forward and Medvedev, but the essence of the matter is commonplace that in the popular mind the words "Putin" and "president"8 years of Putin's presidency had become close synonyms. It happened because of certain characteristics of thinking of the Russian people. Assume that neither Putin nor Medvedev will not be a candidate in the presidential election. Just ask the ordinary man or an ordinary Russian housewife for a moment imagine that. If these people will adekvatnomyslyaschimi, they probably will be at a loss. At their head in the first seconds just will not come nor of the 1st truly worthy option. It is also the fact that the people themselves do not leave any choice for themselves, the majority of the people can not think for themselves and that they are able to change something in the top leadership of the country, having absorbed the milk mom anywhere at the moment is not officially their declared the idea of "God in Heaven, Ruler of the world." This feature is characteristic of the Russian people at the genetic level. That's a given. The Russian people obedient and humble by nature, from God. If it's trying to break his condition, it is a tragedy.

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