Reflections on the future with an eye to the past

Reflections on the future with an eye to the past(The pieces of the book)

Once again showing his more than Favourable attitude to nihilism, in recent decades, Our homeland is allowed to cross out for themselves or even strike out virtually everything that connected her with another nedavneshnim past. Hard to say, what is there more decent or ugly. The benefit of this is either evil in the sense of scale — time will tell, but for a generation who lived through the past, more than a revolutionary change, happiness, obviously has not increased.

The country pretending to be a free, democratic, relaxed, seeing permissiveness for freedom, for the achievement of ignorance. Such an impression that people were happy that there is no need to think.

And the Russian authorities are not particularly needed to make people wonder, but, at least, it does not prevent the thought processes. Then a tremendous gap between the people and the government are an addition to the moat. Yes, power pretended that it is in control, the people pretended to control. The authorities lied to myself and to the people, the people pretended to believe. But for all that has remained relatively truthful with themselves, thereby possessed greater wisdom.

People were like a train — went to where the rails are. However, in the same train (albeit in a more comfortable wagons) and the power was. Not much to obliging social life together with a relative, but rather a sound social protection of people still provided a certain freedom. People were limited in the details, but in almost all against the wishes of the authorities, there were (even relatively) free to bolshennom.

There were enormous difficulties to travel abroad (for most here and now is not that a lot has changed, except that the other prerequisites) of so-called life of the common man (though, ordinary people in the broadest sense of the term generally does not happen) is not particularly diverse, limited publicity messages TASS, the freedom of speech — beyond the power of praise, but all this did not interfere with thinking. Most of the newspapers and empty periodically dim TV only contributed to this. Those who wished could think quite freely. At the same time, the best samples of world literature translated, real writers, with cuts, but printed. In addition, the government was confident within yourself, in truth, in fidelity to its chosen path, and most importantly, in their own eternity, that, on the one hand, it keeps away from the people, on the other — provided people more freedom.

Naturally freedom this was only relative, but even because of it, limited by many factors, the country gave rise to more realistic figures. Discussions on the pages of newspapers and magazines to get involved more people to thinking about the most serious of important social problems. In particular, a fairly rigid framework, under the supervision of the ideology of the people were getting tougher, more expanded range of thought. Have you seen the product made despite the fact that lusted after power podymali difficulties which she under no circumstances would not wish even to make public. All thanks to the fact that that piece of freedom that lay on the basis of all this, was real. Just like the America that made America a short democracy is actually on a whim policy adopted by the first emigrants.

After all, people are not fundamentally of judgment, but it is sensitive to all cases, receiving or achieving freedom, first tries to use it in 2-ways: for permissiveness for himself and restrictions on the freedom of others. The first Yankee lucky, they managed to concentrate on the golden mean: aggressively regulating affairs inside the society, limiting personal freedom, they put each broad political freedoms. Despite the fact that they started with the restriction of the sovereignty of the individual, the pioneers of the New World were able to put on the first place, civilian and moral freedom. Which allowed them to reach that form of democracy that for a relatively small period of history led the Yankees in the economic and political favorites.

The road to freedom existed in the Russian Union (as it is in every country), it would be very long, but bloodless. A lot has been written and said about nereformiruemosti society in the USSR, that way other than damage to the base of everything, was not. It is a question that now. Grasp the logic of the creators of similar claims is difficult. In 1-x, since there is no public nereformiruemyh systems, in-2, a ruthless purpose than the destruction, the world's population does not know. At least some disruption — this is war, and thus — the blood, leading to the latest blood. At least some destruction — is unpredictable, it is not clear that it will generate. No such purpose for which it would be permissible to crush the fate of entire generations.

Sweeping reforms does not happen — frisky reform, it is a revolution. The essence of the reform lies in the very concept of "reform." Because it was not up to form, the country began right from the content. Resistance was certain: the government so long to impale people that most of the perceived fatal itself, its own future action as another political game. The country fell apart irresponsible hands of pseudo hooting and under the plebeians. By that led the Union of Russian history itself: trying to deprive people of their freedom, the ability to independently think and make decisions, stick to their own beliefs, turning them into a mass in mute performer's will, the power did not give myself to report that in the end the most important decision always rests with the people.

And people acted irrationally, deciding not to intervene in the resolution of his fate. Not even the instinct of self-load (time showed that still did not work). People choose from 2-evils and chose the unfamiliar familiar evil because he just obrydlo and strange to. Whom to support — the bureaucrat who has long been located at the other side of the wall of the deaf? Deaf and blind power? In the name of what, in the name of what idea? In whom ye believe, if the government itself does not believe in her own declared values and goals?

According to another could not be in a country mired up to their ears in protectionism, corruption and postscript, deceives itself at all levels from kindergarten ending Congresses. Where is the man for the government was less than the means, tools, and where people perceived only as a weight that can be unceremoniously brazenly lie, whose name can be read, and even to act, and the mass, which you can refer when necessary, but not an ally. Corrupt to the core of heresy, choking on false government that own power is a burden — that was a Russian Alliance in the eighties. Russian power and greater distance from their own people, reincarnated as a Giant himself as bran own feet.

And yet, in the presence of unsullied thoughts reform of the Union (the real — non-destructive) was likely. Naturally, it would be greatly claimed a lot of time, effort and energy, in the end, probably, would have led to the separation of the union republics, and the government can be autonomous. But real reform will not be ruined country, not drown in the blood, it really could connect people, separating them like this, by the way, was declared first adjustment. But the idea was different orientation of reforms was different about both Kafka: "From this coming." Those who led the reforms did not know where to go, and we all walked away. Just
to go.

I do not believe in global komploty. No, of course, I admit that someone a villain or a specific group of people who can even conceive of a people against any country, even the world something wrong with naughty intent. But seemingly subtle villains did not act, in the end, all is not in the least degree, than from the villains, also depends on the person against whom malice oriented. Neuzh that some people or the entire population of the earth would be expected as a victim of the slaughter, when he was to do evil. At least you can yell. I assume that the clicks may be muted — lack of technology. But you can fight back. All the more so if it is of such a people, as a Russian, who was carrying within himself a firm favorite of psychology and even a potential aggressor.

The circumstances of the collapse of the Union, including the exterior, very many, but the main reason lies in the Russian people, in his relationship with his power. Such assumptions are, where the least, where in a more acute form, in virtually all countries. And this — the same danger to the world as an instrument of mass destruction and global disaster. Nowhere is there a complete understanding between the people and the government. What happened to the Russian Union — only the first swallow. This is only a warning. In fact, this warning no one was hurt, not hurt: collapsed at the sight of all one of the strongest, the most prosperous countries in the world, and the world did not do himself any conclusions.

Did not, as there is in the wrong direction, switched to a goal means mired in the details, lost direction, became fascinated by a minor, forgetting the main thing. It makes for himself prepyadstviya, which in turn leads to more and new, even more severe dilemmas. In this sense, the Russian Alliance nothing special from the rest of the world was no different, except that on the form. Although it was declared concerning the right direction. However, it was only declared — power doing everything possible (not principal of any judgment), that none of the declared goals have been achieved. Like the rest of the world, she just shook her train to create a memory of movement.

It is sad, the population of the earth has put in front of him wrong and in fact unrealizable goal: satisfaction of real human needs. Psevdotsel separate internally and externally unfree person to become global. Although the world is full of rich and even very rich people, but something inconspicuously among them satisfied. Then why go. Well, there we go. "Think and Grow Rich" — call us. Excellent, think and rich. Then what. Neuzh something richer and further, referring to the greed of man. What's the point — not only wealth, and life itself.

A person can only satisfy himself, but today's people (though his middle name) is not capable of self-satisfaction. He is not free. His inner world is complexed and confused because of the lack of truth and can not find the true meaning of life. The world around us, mired in a dilemma, the solution of which replaced the human target, gives him the ability to understand the inner world. He is like a runner rvushemusya struggling forward, not knowing — why not knowing — whether it forward. Need a change of consciousness, which asks no more strength and energy than a war or a revolution.

Here say, that is a question of basic change of consciousness. Sacred books, moral codes, stately philosophers throughout the history of mankind called the people to do good, to be respectful to each other, to do no harm, to adore a close, but not many who intelligibly explained — in the name of what? Where in the world as criminals, as many lost people, why the population of the earth for centuries finds a nonexistent "black cat in a dark room." Not for nothing has compared the classic world of the stage, and the people with the actors. We arrive just in order to dig in the sandbox to play in the best case, the role of the hero, and at worst, a statistician and leave? But nature is very wise to have dressed man invaluable gift — the mind, and thus separating it from the environment makarom of all life on earth would place before him such, in general, and in general, the empty goal.

The meaning of life significantly deeper and more serious. Yes, and then closed the circle in order to understand the meaning of his own existence, a person must get rid of stubborn in his flesh and blood, wrapped in tinsel consciousness, so free, he needs to understand the meaning of life. As to any worthwhile goal, to the meaning of life, to his understanding of the need to go slowly, but slowly, gradually, step by step, but deliberately. The issue is on the surface, it is so obvious that it is necessary to convince anyone not in principle so that everyone started to self: with myself.

By putting himself in front of goal only to live the truth, to themselves and the world around us, to understand such makarom with its internal neuvvyazkami, incorrect values and role models, man released. Of course, at first he sets himself against false society. But we can not go on the call of some rogue politicians sensitive to its destruction, to make revolution, to create wars, fratricide, demolish churches, burn books, kids deprive fathers ruin and blow up the very nature of the planetoid that asks, in 10's and hundreds of times more physical and mental effort. Why would not strain a bit for the sake of truly majestic goal.

Besides, now have the opportunity to use technological advances to spread the Truth, for the erection of her basic principle of life for the population of the earth, as it should, to the merits of Liberty.

Is free from heresy man been able to create the target. He has great strength. He already gets in the way. He revealed the meaning of life. For him, the power is not no riddle and loses appeal, he understands the purpose of the present government. When the power will be truthful and free people, free and fair society is not allowed to govern themselves liars and bond, power interests will coincide with those of human population of the earth will be able to start moving towards the majestic objectives, to his own perfection.

But everything has to start with the person next to the society, the people of the country. A man well aware of his own illness and knows that at some point will have to do them, it only distracts herself from the main difficulties of its own. He does not have a favorite, all the impulses of a person to go for those or other forward beckoning related only to his desire to break free from the disease. Revolutions are not always caused by the famine: they can grab, even on a very prosperous country adopted the eye. Wars begin not only because of the lack of actual places of the same food. World permanently on the verge of social catastrophe not because of the inability to control a particular person with financial or economic difficulties. The problem more deeply, it is in a person's soul.

Starting to live the truth, we can solve an unlimited number of serious problems. The liberation of man, and then by mapping the country's heresy, then at least the acquisition of freedom. Which in turn pulls a fundamental change in the affairs of man to himself and interpersonal relationships on a national scale. In other words, intra-family relationships, interpersonal, intergroup, international. Relations between the government and the people, because free people and of free individuals the power complement each other, serve the same purpose.

The man who has realized its place and purpose, the real purpose and meaning of life, acquires a giant force. He sees the other person is not the opponent, not an enemy, but an ally in achieving the main goal. He does not need revolution and war. And if people consists of those people, he kept a similar view in relation to other states and nations. A man with a real purpose, can not be a drunk and drug addic
ts can not commit crimes, even as all this for a very small, — the level of awareness in his other hand. People having the goal will not be venturing revolution and war. But only if the question of the purpose of one hundred percent conscious, truly majestic, who has every reason to be the world's population.

And the population of the earth in its history is ready to move towards that goal. Evidence of this — in fact all of the declared values — love for one's neighbor, of country, freedom, truth, honor, conscience, morality and much more. Yes, many of these values for a large majority of less than fine words. But subconsciously, people have always sought and are committed to the community, built specifically for these values. Americans have gained only a bit of freedom for all, as proud of it!

There is nothing productive in the competition, the market economy, socialist or capitalist business, law of the country — it's all for the world population of only routine. It is unrealistic to go ahead without a certain direction. Wonders of the technological revolution, taken for progress, in fact, nothing in the life of the world's population do not change. Conflicts, wars, migration of people, single or multi-polarity in global politics, money or other crises, space exploration, and many other phenomena can only lead to a rearrangement of the terms.

The world is like a hand, each finger which his own affairs, on the body, every organ which is trying to cure their disease. In the past, he finds excuses from coming forward is not always pleasant surprises. The population of the earth has long been consistent and gives to himself of the fact that socialism, capitalism or globalism, for it can not be the goal. It is torn internally in conflict with itself and is waiting for the moment of epiphany comes, will come a decision. It deserves a chance, and our home, using their own abilities, can give people a chance and land.

The world is imperfect, they say our majestic, and we agree, yes, indeed. And are a statement of fact. Yes, the world is not perfect, but it should be perfect! It can be immediately means must go for excellence through the years and centuries. Maybe he comes to perfection, but through these swamps, a good result in the coming millennium is virtually eliminated.

Our home can lead the world's population to perfection, starting way first. Unprincipled as a goal to be called: absolute democracy, svobodokratiya, pravdokratiya or something else. Now the country has almost everything a vacuum — in power, ideology, and culture. A long time so can not last. There is nothing accidental in the fact that the authorities are closer to the chosen kleptocrats, is a replacement of the ideology of political technologies, ie lies and downright deception, commercialized culture, literature, reading material is displaced, the art just die, giving way to show business. This is — a recipe for disaster. You need to change the motion vector and as quickly as possible: the interests of the government to cooperate with the interests of the people, the truth and the freedom to build the rank of state ideology, as regards culture, on this basis, as a true and freedom, she will return the lost ground.

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