Reform of the army have gained the most painful points

The hatred of the officer corps to the Defense Minister Serdyukov to grow, and it is clear why: the two years of army reform fired more than 100 thousand officers, and far not all of them received the promised benefits. Another 40 thousand officers have lost their own posts and withdrawn from the staff: get only a small salary by rank and are awaiting the promised apartments, which, of course, would get far too many do not. In the military academy cadets set was discontinued in 2010, the year, announced that he would not set, and in 2011, and it is possible that in 2012. The official version — an overabundance of lieutenants. For reference, in the third part of this year's graduates of military schools do not receive officer ranks — only sergeant insignia. Finally, the third source of hatred to the current defense minister — top generals, which essentially all cut from the cash flow. Reduction of military districts from 6 to 4, the establishment of the Joint Strategic Commands, when — for the first time in our history — under a single management voedinyzhdy joined the navy, air force and army, as it should be in a modern army and, accordingly, a sharp reducing the role of the main command — all of it deprives the generals not only the posts — the tools for resource management. Here's generals, taking advantage of the incident to happen in the army weave, with retired Navy organizations and give a signal to Putin and Medvedev: "Shoot Serdyukov, or we will arrange my God." "My God," they naturally will not arrange any: those who are not dismissed from the army, the coveted forward to January 1, 2012, when, as stated, will be repeatedly raised wages: Lieutenant will receive 50 thousand rubles and more, respectively. Because graduates of colleges and agree to the sergeant's shoulder boards — emerged from their perspective.

Reform of the army reached the most painful points

So why the abscess burst specifically in the Airborne Troops? Besides the fact that Serdyukov is no different extra diplomacy has been called, the reason is found. Some of ushlyh political strategists close to the highest opponents defense minister decided that if there was a scandal around the church, then it is possible to excite the audience and — in a series of "our beat" — and bring to a conflict of Russian Orthodox Church as an institution that has impact on the first persons.

But in addition, the paratroopers are the reserve commander, in other words, through the General Staff subject to specific president. From the Navy, and 5 are formed consisting of contract battalions — our version of a frisky response forces. Janissaries and brow beating Sultan, so he pushed his vizier objectionable.

Most likely, this campaign will turn out to be zilch: Putin and Medvedev understands that all reform Army held on one person. And it's similar to Gaidar reforms in the early 90's — and the urgency of reform, and on the importance and the degree of her pain: hurt people, they lose their positions, salary, status, many in front is not very rosy future. And as a human pity these people. But there is no alternative: the war with Georgia has shown once again that our army in the form in which it exists, can not fight a war: to crush the mass of a small country — so no problems, but to defeat the enemy more severe — zero chance. 20 years in our country was army country that no longer exists — the Soviet Union. And all these years, it fell apart because of intractable domestic problems: excessive number of officers who for years did nothing, the need to contain compounds of incomplete structure that was impossible to use in hostilities without a declaration of mass mobilization. The government waste huge amounts of money that disappeared without a trace. The situation brought before the point where no further, except as surgical (and annoying though it may sound, without much anesthesia), is no more. No hesitation: Serdyukov, as well as Gaidar, curse, not at the moment, but at some point, when he does the "dirty work", fired and fell on him all flimsy and actual errors. Merit, of course, will get the other. But in the end the country will get another army. Who will win in the end? Motherland.

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