Reform … Where is she?

Reform ... Where is she?

Military conflict with Georgia in 2008, in which were involved in the Russian Armed Forces of the South Ossetia and Abkhazia, showed the need for urgent reforms in the Russian army.

Despite the fact that the conclusion of the Russian side, Georgia managed to pacify through an experienced and effective impact of the Russian troops, military confrontation revealed flaws not only in the level of technical equipment of the Russian army, and the ability of management and the ability to combat units.

Naturally, the local war, in which participated Russian army, very intrigued by the foreign experts and analysts.

In stationed overseas surveys noted the lack of Russian troops necessary radar equipment to detect the target at the far outskirts, reconnaissance assets such as, for example, unmanned aerial vehicles. The use of obsolete equipment or hard reconfigurable systems do not have allowed Russian military technical services in time to open the Georgian air defense system. This has led to an unjustified loss of seven new military aircraft Russia.

Although the Russian army had effective means of destruction — such as missiles, "Iskander", cruise missiles and guided bombs, lack of RAM disk imaging for timely management decisions are not allowed to enjoy all the advantages of these types of weapons.

Unbalanced operation of communication systems, used for the transfer info and orders of command, and also contributed to the decrease in the effectiveness of military operations. In fact, it is no opportunity for operational cooperation and coordination between the various branches of the military, which is not allowed to make a united group of forces, and this is an important condition for obtaining the best value in the conduct of hostilities in modern conditions.

Was made very severe error — combat operation was planned and carried out on the basis of an outdated strategy of large-scale hostilities. This izzhivshy a plan foresaw the creation of a large concentration of troops on a small section of the front. Then, as has long been in other armies of the world adopted the concept of the introduction of high-precision weapons that are able to provide the necessary firepower without huge accumulation of forces fighting compounds. This approach has advantages over an old practice of warfare since well organized exploration of the enemy, concentrated forces may simply be destroyed precision instrument of the enemy.

The use of an outdated strategy of fighting against Russian contingent in the Georgian aggression, due to errors in the design of new steps of development of the art of war, which began in the 90s in the Russian army. In developing the Russian military Spices new strategies and tactics of military action were not taken into account the characteristics and capabilities of new weapons admitted for operation in Russian troops.

Russian military science made a major breakthrough in the 70 years he developed a method introducing automatic control systems combined with communications and intelligence resources. The developer of this approach to the organization of military command and control became Marshal NV Cinders. This automatic command and control system to reduce the cycle time of the embodiment of combat, from acquiring intelligence, thinking about the situation, the decision to conduct combat operations. Reducing the time of decision making and to bring the perpetrators of orders significantly increases the intensity of the offensive and defensive actions. Application of the proposed method allows virtually simultaneously forestall acts of the enemy, leaving the initiative in the implementation of a combat operation, and improves coordination between departments. The thought of Marshal NV Ogarkova was actually implemented in the automatic control system, "maneuver" that the Americans were able to examine in some detail and use in their own development only after the unification of Germany.

The phenomenon is that the ideas of Marshal NV Ogarkova in the west including the revolutionary, able to drastically change the laws of modern warfare, and in our country, they are known only to a narrow circle of military professionals.

Reform ... Where is she?

Marshal of the Russian Union of Nikolai Ogarkov 17 (30) .10.1917-23.01.1994

To assess the contribution of Nikolai in military science will give an example. The British for the first time applied they devised a tank in the fighting in the First World War. But the greatest effect of the introduction of tanks received during the Nazi invasion of the Soviet countryside. The Germans, using mobility and firepower of tanks, they are not used for the destruction of battle enemy forces in offensive operations, and for the deepest raids behind enemy lines in order to encircle and defeat the enemy. Conclusion: The important thing is not to have the latest armament, but rather, that it is more effective to apply.

Russian military took over the creative experience of the German armored breakthroughs second world war, adding to its creation infantry fighting vehicle, which in turn led to the formation of infantry units.

Having a bad outcome of a military operation large army units in Vietnam, the Americans made a special forces who were excellent semi-guerrilla war against the Vietnamese army. These groups began to act irregular ways, using operational intelligence, and new means of destruction. South American armed forces, using its own battle experience, having analyzed the results of the second World War and the Vietnam war, adjusted the military strategy of the military campaign, developed measures to strengthen the material and technical support of the army and the approaches to the formation of military units:
— implementation of the local population for the creation of death squads;
— development of new types of weapons of ordinary;
— used for the production of new weapons research and development;
— accelerate the development and implementation of technical solutions that increase mobility, firepower combat units;
— change the structure of military specialties, increasing the number of specialists in electronics, operators of complex military equipment, highly skilled technical professionals;
— do a better job training programs from military professionals, especially the control level;
— go to Manning Prof. professional army;
— make such conditions under which military service was presentable and prestige for the young, educated and prepared personnel.

Reform ... Where is she?

Such missiles during the "Cold War" of the USSR created as sausages. But Marshal Ogarkov believed that at stake is on precision non-nuclear weapons
and super battle management system. (Photo: Dorofei Getmanenko

But, as practice shows, the complexity of military technology has its limits: both technical and human. And at the moment the order of the day or burning solution to the problem is not building features combat systems and weapons, and the training of its efficient use. Improving the martial art should follow the path of skill timely introduction of weapons, the introduction of its accuracy and range, the ability to obtain information about the enemy and use it for operational control of combat units.

Solving the problem of effective command and control, the Americans in the 70s made the concept, the basis of which the organization is a quick exchange of information between the various departments. Russian command and control system designers are also not left out of the development of methods of command and control, to include not only a system of communication, and integrated it into the possibility of obtaining intelligence and automation of most of the multi-functional and operational areas of the management of troops.

Americans do not have long to catch-up role for the development of the idea of army. Using new research in the field of information technology and high-precision weapons, they have gained the highest level of combat readiness: reduced time management decisions and bringing them to the combat units.

But in Russia, so we need reforms, which appeared pioneer Marshal Ogarkov turned. It was manufactured by the subsequent reasons:
— required retraining senior commanders have the ability to not only the latest technology, and learn new techniques, strategies and strategies of combat operations in a significantly changed the criteria;
— it was necessary to make configuration in the organizational structure of arms;
— change the principles of army: the army should come under the contract experts at highly advanced technology industries capable of managing complex weaponry;
— required to increase bit of "tech" units in all military branches.
Need to see that curtailment programs from reforming the armed forces of the Russian Federation was associated not only with the opposition of the enemies of this transformation, and with the economic and political situation in the country.

Our military and the defense industry has been able to create new kinds of weapons, but it is missing the opportunity of their information systems.

Many military experts at Russian army doing one of the main stops on the fact that the reduction of the army will be impossible to carry out combat missions in the war criteria. But most of the armies in the world, reducing the size of the private and clicking on the use of new types of weapons of war, not only did not lose his own combat capability, and increment it.

Reform of the Armed Forces has already led to a numerical reduction of military units. We can only impose that the forthcoming implementation of the reform and accepted the Government's decision to finance the military-industrial complex, posodeystvuyut Russian army to maintain its combat capability at a level not inferior to the leading armies of the world.

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