Relations have reached a new level

Against the background of the election scandal in Ukraine, the next begins. The command of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation refused to pay for the fuel, which is imported into the territory of Ukraine. This proved to be quite a serious blow to the budget of Sebastopol, who practically lives at the expense of the Russian base.

The scandal did not start out of the blue, and in anticipation of a major upgrade of the Russian fleet.

Russians insist that the agreement between Russia and Ukraine and the law, they are not required to pay for imported materials for the needs of the Navy.

Kiev threatened military fine of 300% of the total cost. Ukrainians main factor is that 14 000 tonnes of fuel is under their control. Hence the statement of the problems that can occur during refueling ships.

Russian officials have already responded to this message and are willing to make a statement about interference in the affairs of the military base.

The problem to the Russian Foreign Ministry said in the spring of this year. It was then suggested that the Ukrainian side to cancel customs duties on the goods for the fleet.

As for the future relations between the two countries, but today there was another event. On the border between Bryansk and Chernigov region was established the first border post. So was fulfilled the agreement signed between the two countries two years ago, on the border demarcation. Common borders with Russia and Ukraine, 2295 km, and the negotiations on the division are more than a dozen years. Of pillar was made solemnly, with the participation of officials of both countries. In speeches on this occasion, it was noted that now the work of border agencies and the Defense of the two countries will take to the next level. Which is what will be the level seen.

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