Repair and modernization of equipment the Army

Repair and modernization of equipment the ArmyThe web site is located Rosoboronpostavki inquisitive schedule placing orders for the purchase of property and repair weapons and equipment for the Ministry of Defence on municipal defense order for 2013. Naibollshy enthusiasm cause data on repair and modernization of certain types of armored Land Forces. Employee twower made on the document corresponding to the list of applications repair armored vehicles, for which tenders have to be declared in this month (in brackets the amount of the contract)

Average repair:
battle BMP-3 — 15. (Maximum of 270 million rubles);
— T-90 tanks and their modifications — 15. (A maximum of 337,545,000 rubles)

Serious repair:
battle Machines BMD-2 — 34 units (maximum of 177,939,700 rubles);
— BTR-D, BTR-3D, BTR-RD — 30 units (maximum of 133,485,000 rubles);
— engineering machinery IMR-2 — 58 pcs. (A maximum of 279,531,000 rubles);
— tug boats, motor BMK-460 with a basic car chassis KrAZ-260g — 24 pcs. (A maximum of 130,615,200 rubles);
— Kotlovan machines MDK-3 — 23 units. (maximum at 195,086,000 rubles);
— Amtrack PTS-2 — 61 pcs. (A maximum of 211,975,000 rubles);
— puteprokladchikov BAT-2 — 56 units. (A maximum of 454,921,600 rubles);
— infantry fighting vehicle BMP-2 with modernization (with the installation of the radio station of the R-168, and hardware and software equipment intercom system) — 145 units. (maximum for 1,500,590,500 rubles);
— BTR-80 armored personnel carriers bringing to mind-82AM — 134 units. (A maximum of 2,818,998,200 rubles);
— armored recovery vehicle ARV-1 — 37 pcs. (A maximum of 529,965,800 rubles);
— crawler tractor carrier MT-LB (B) with the modernization and installation of the machine gun "Kord" (products 6P49) and the radio station of the R-168 — 105 units. (A maximum of 812,017,500 rubles);
— with the modernization of the T-72B (T-72B1) — 101 units. (maximum for 5,300,009,300 rubles);
— demining units of SD-77 — 32 pcs. (A maximum of 72,777,600 rubles)

Also to be held Supervision:
— special armored vehicle carrying up to 2,5 t IVECO type of modification 65E19WM (LMW) — N units. (A maximum of 12.2 million rubles);
— Special ton GAZ-233014 "Tiger" (GAZ-233114 "Tiger-M") — N units. (A maximum of 10,880,000 rubles).

The total price of the above items — 13,248,537,400 rubles.

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