Repair Center Sukhoi opens in Malaysia

Repair Center "Dry" opens in MalaysiaAs reported by RIA Announcements, referring to the statement of Alexander Klementieva (the representative of the United Aircraft Company), KLA wants to open a Malaysia Centre Maintenance and repair fighters of "dry". The opening of this center is going to happen at an air base in Hong Kedak 2012. All the necessary equipment for the work center in Malaysia have already been delivered.

It is clear that at this time armed with the Malaysian Air Force has Su-30MKM in the amount of 30 units that were bought for 910 million U.S. dollars in 2003. As noted Klement'ev, the planes will be those. service in this brand new service center. In addition, he center will be a good advantage in the tender announcement which is scheduled for next year, on the delivery of 40 aircraft.

As expected, the competition for the supply of avia perceive the role of the U.S. — Lockheed Martin and Boeing, as well company Sweden — Saab. They put up the type fighter F-16 Fighting Falcon, F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, and JAS 39 Gripen. "Rosoboronexport" will present at the competition of the Su-30MK.

It should be noted that the best chance to win the Malaysian tender, have "Rosoboronexport" and «Boeing», so their fighters for quite a long time are in the Air Force Malaysia.

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