Repair submarine Yekaterinburg has begun, but so far no agreement

Repair submarine "Yekaterinburg" has begun, but so far no contractWork on the fault detection (detection of defects) on the strategic nuclear Underwater boat (NPS) "Ekaterinburg, "Which, in December 2011 there was a fire, began, told RIA Announcements on Mon official dealer Shipyard "Asterisk"(Severodvinsk) Eugene Gladyshev.

According to him, last week, the submarine was docked "Sprockets".

"For several months, experts at the plant will conduct examination outboard fittings, propeller-rudder and lightweight body," — said Gladyshev.

He noted that the order of the government "Asterisk"Is the sole executor of the repair and modernization of the submarine.
Meanwhile, the contract with the Defense Ministry to carry out the work has not been signed.

Earlier, the first Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Sukhorukov told reporters that the contract for the repair and restoration of APL "Ekaterinburg"Will be signed after the fault detection. Sukhorukov added that" Star "has already received from the Russian Defense Ministry 6,052 million rubles for the fault detection of the boat. As of 16 July, the Ministry of Defense has received from" Sprockets "only justification for billion of costs for further repair .

Fire on the submarine "Yekaterinburg" (Project 667 BDRM "Dolphin"), who was standing in the floating dock 82nd Shipyard (Roslykovo settlement, Murmansk region), began on 29 December 2011. According to preliminary version, the fire happened during the hot work: kindled wood forest system, mounted around the boat.

Fire spread to the lightweight outer shell with a special rubber coating protivogidrolokatsionnym. Fire area is 150 square meters. It is able to eliminate it on December 30. According to the MOE, in the course of a fire on the submarine suffered nine people — seven crew members and two members of the MOE.

As a result, the fire came down sonar system on repair which will be about 400 million rubles.

Full repair, including recovery after the fire, and the modernization of submarines "Yekaterinburg" to end in 2014, after its service life will be extended for another 5 years.

Submarines of Project 667 (code "Dolphin") are the backbone of naval strategic nuclear forces of Russia. In the battle of the Russian Navy are six submarines of this class.

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