Repair with a guarantee: Russian defense got freedom in terms of export of service

Repair with a guarantee: Russian defense industry has received freedom in terms of export of service

Of Russian defense industry focus will be given topic. They have more rights to conclude contracts with foreign customers. This statement comes from the mouth of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in Sochi, first in July 2012 during the government meeting. According to him, the export of services provided by the Russian defense companies in the past year amounted to about 2.5 billion rubles. So Makar, exports of services amounted to about 18 percent of the total volume of all military exports of. For the current year, for the first 6 months, the volume of export deliveries Military Equipment and armament was about 6.5 billion rubles. It's about 15 percent more than that of the same period last year.

The modern system of Russian military exports began to take shape at the end of the last century. So Makar, by the end of the 1990s in the state were a total of only two municipal intermediary — "Promeksport" and "Rosvooruzhenie", which are engaged in ongoing negotiations on the supply of military equipment, also controlled its exports. But in 2000, according to the order of the Russian President, the council was formed only mediator in the industry — the "Rosoboronexport". With all of this whole system sought meaningful reform, which lasted for a couple of years. So, the military export system in its present form took shape only entirely by 2007.

At the same time, it is worth noting that, despite the existence of municipal mediators, military defense companies have the right, without the help of others to offer their products on the world market, negotiate and engage in the supply of military products. But that lasted only until 2006, when the order came into force the President, according to which "Rosoboronexport" has been recognized as the sole legitimate export mediator which had the right to negotiate and sign contracts concerning the supply limit for weapons and military equipment. For defense companies left right only to send overseas parts, also offer services on repair and modernization of the equipment of the military mission.

By the way, "Rosoboronexport" and the current time is a major exporter of military technology mission, which has the right not only to negotiate, and engage in the supply of military equipment to foreign customers. Specifically, this municipal company accounts for about 80 percent of the total volume of export of military supplies.

In addition, it is worth noting the fact that there is a list of the companies and the companies that have the right to independently sell outside of military equipment and weapons. Total number of such companies, there are 26. Three of them — "Oboronservis" United Shipbuilding Company and the "UAC — Transport Aircraft" — have the right to act only within the strict limits of processes discussed in advance with the foreign partners. Two companies — "Admiralty Shipyards" and "asterisk" (Severodvinsk shipbuilding company) have the right to directly sell the finished product for a limit.

As for other companies — RAC "MiG", FNPC "Device" SPE "Alloy" the company "Aerospace Equipment", NGO "Quantum", the concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" and others — that they have the right to sell spare parts to overseas customers, offer their services in the repair, maintenance and modernization of military equipment and the training of military personnel and technical staff. But, despite the relative independence of these companies still prefer to use the services of "Rosoboronexport" — a company that has significant experience in negotiating with foreign partners, taking into account in all of this international political situation.

Holds the key to the whole process of negotiating the export and import of arms and Military Equipment The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation. Specifically, it decides which military production, and how much will be imported to the Russian countryside and removed it, it issues licenses for the supply of military defense production companies and organizes exhibitions of military equipment. Service is subject to particular president.

It is necessary in a few words, and words commented Russian head of state, spoken by him in Sochi on what defense companies will receive tremendous freedom in negotiating export sales. According to Putin's own, more attention should be directed specifically to the repair and maintenance service of the military equipment that has already been set for the border. In fact, he offered a very profitable profitable business, as very often in the repair, maintenance and modernization of military equipment can receive an income equal to half the price of the contract.

Coupled with the fact that in the USSR nuance received very little consideration. About this and says Misha Dmitriev, director FSMTC, which in February 2011, stated that the Russian time does not take into account the advantages of upgrading and repair set Military Equipment, also supplies tools and spare parts. Since Russian the military-industrial complex inherited not only the advantages, and drawbacks Russian system, and very often there are foreign customers claim regarding after-sales service and repair of equipment of military value.

As the head of the country, the whole process of negotiations to supply itself is an unlimited amount of time, because you need to change the mechanism of coordination and encouragement of decisions and principles of cooperation with foreign partners must become more flexible. Because some companies in the defense industrial complex and have the right to negotiate and sign contracts for the export of machinery directly, without the role of intermediaries. At the same time, noting that such innovations have already shown its effectiveness on how the system will be improved after-sales service, Putin did not elaborate.

It is necessary to think that the improvements will concern itself simplify approval procedures of decision-making with the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the whole process goes a very long time. Another important point is that many defense companies themselves are not subjected to modernize more than 20 years because simply unable to cope with the volume of orders bolshennymi that many times lead to missed deadlines for exports. And if everything uttered add that export manufactures Our homeland in more than 80 countries of the world, to provide services on repair and modernization of military equipment, even more so with the departure of professionals or establishment of service centers in the field is also a huge problem of.

At the same time, from these improvements and has utility. For example, the tightening of export regulations will enable the increment responsibility Russian defense industry companies. Do they no longer need to pay a percentage of municipal transactions mediator. In addition, there is a chance that for each such company will have its own advertising department, which will be staffed by highly qualified personnel. And, in addition, there will be competitiveness, which will be able to give an impetus to expand the range of export se
rvices rendered.

In addition. The President added that the need to expand the Russian presence in the global market for defense equipment and weapons. This concerns not only the geography of exports, and expanding the list of exported military products and service.

According to the director FSMTC Misha Dmitriev, Our homeland while keeping its position in the global arms market due to the low ratio of price and good product properties. At the same time, he noted that the upward trend in the prices of military equipment due to increased prices for components. A similar situation could have a negative impact on the competitiveness of Russian production of military products.

Yet, at the current time while similar trends were observed. So, Libya appealed to the Russian government to resume military-technical cooperation and to assist in carrying out the modernization Military Equipment, which was performed earlier. Namely, the new Libyan authorities are interested in the technique, which remained after the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime. Has awarded a contract to upgrade 200 T-72 tanks. In addition, we recall, in May of this year, Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree according to which lifted the ban on the sale of weapons to Libya.

There is also another very exciting method to improve the system of military-industrial cooperation — the practice of giving technology. Its essence lies in the fact that our homeland can pass completely free or for a nominal fee the reserves of military technology it possesses. With all of this of mandatory condition for such transfer should be a sales service repair and modernization of equipment. Such a method also profits will allow to a certain extent, solve the problem of disposal of equipment.

At the current time the main task that faces the Russian military-industrial complex — it does not lose its position to other States and the former Soviet socialist place, namely, the Ukraine and Poland, which also offer their services to repair and modernization of Russian art production.

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