Republicans against

Republicans against

The U.S. Congress does not stop trying to agree with the Russian authorities on the issue of missile defense system in Europe, and to assure them that there are no threats to the Russian territories. As you know, during the visit of its own capital, Ellen Tauscher, U.S. Under Secretary of the Russian Federation offered to provide the results of operations of SM-3 interceptors — rockets that will become the basis for a European missile defense system. According to the views of the Yankees, it will give opportunity convince the Kremlin that such interceptors at a low rate can not knock any one Russian rocket.

On this assignment, it became clear the Republican side of Congress, and they claimed the immediate cessation of secret negotiations with Russia. And Michael Turner, chairman of the subcommittee on strategic arms, said the defense committee will do everything possible to force Congress to abandon similar initiatives.

According to the views of Republicans, unchanging talks concessions and the Russian government will not lead to any result, because Moscow does not actually interested in reaching a consensus, and just trying to use the talks in their own interests (and precisely, will then find out the latest information about the war plans of America).

According to Michael Turner, the declassification of disk imaging SM-3 — is only the first step, and then the official Moscow can claim and to limit the maximum speed of interceptor missiles.

According to experts, the Republican initiative inevitably undermine opportunity progress of negotiations. Even if the government of the Russian Federation and interested in similar information, that Barack Obama will have a very long time to persuade Republicans in the non-hazardous such conciliatory disclosure. And as a result — or a complete denial of the presence of the initiative, or giving it up without any explanation.

This is not the first attempt by the U.S. to agree with Russia. As we recall, in October, official Washington has invited Russian professionals to take part in the tests of SM-3. But similar initiative has not caused great joy among Russians: War Office suspected that the Americans are give inaccurate data. In response to such a statement, the South American government has offered Russian professionals to use their equipment.

A similar situation occurred with the declaration, which is intended to sign in Deauville, Presidents 2-states during a meeting G8. Its main task was to ensure that you want to assure Russia that the system is not geared toward Russia. But the other day, Barack Obama refused to sign the declaration (according to sources — under the influence of the Pentagon).

And the Russian and South American government recognize that talks around the defense do not budge. Our homeland requests written legal safeguards, but the U.S. is ready to confirm this only verbally. Because in MINISTRY foreign affairs of the Russian Federation stated that the abilities of removing differences become smaller. Moreover, our homeland declared capacity of accommodation missile "Iskander" in areas of Belarus and the Krasnodar Territory in the event of the breakdown of negotiations. This will opportunity reflect the risk of the U.S. missile defense system particularly in border areas.

According to the views of Republican congressmen, the official Russian authorities are not interested in finding some kind of compromise, and talks use only for the purpose of obtaining a hidden military disk imaging.

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