Republics of the former USSR. Latvia: the years without the invaders

Republics of the former USSR.  Latvia: the years without the "invaders"In 2013, our Latvian neighbors are preparing to celebrate the 95th anniversary of its independence from Russia. This significant event for Latvia came out in November 1918, so it's time to prepare for the rapid and pyshnovatym celebrations in November, the country has many more. During the preparation of the Latvian authorities should be sure to mention another date — in August — one more anniversary of the "liberation from oppression" Russian Union of which (liberation) paved the way for Latvia in the bosom of a single European family, to the growth and prosperity …

This material make out all the Latvian landmark achievements in the years of independence from the huge and "bloodthirsty" neighbors who can be proud of the authorities of Latvia. After obtaining independence from specific countries that for decades, said the powers that be gentlemen Latvian blood, and the status of a member of the Euro Union is the main event for this small Baltic country for all its recent history.

Western politicians and, accordingly, the media often say that during the years of independence from the USSR, Latvia stepped too far forward in the development of economic and democratic components of the municipal process. Behind these tirades are often traced ill-concealed desire to foreign sponsors "of the Latvian miracle" to encourage Riga for what she said about the final break with Russia and embarked on the path which beneficial to older brother overseas registration.

Thus, the "Latvian miracle" would be found Latvian politicians and their European and South American counterparts held. Let's see, what did the magic is, and in what ways to go to reach the same welfare, what have gained our former comrades-in-one Union.

Latvia's economic magic. After the entry of the country into the World Trading Company (1999), also in the EU (2004), the growth of the Latvian economy could openly envied. Average economic growth up to 2009 was about 6.4% per year. In 2006 was recorded annual economic growth of 12.6%, which could now be envied even China. Years of success Latvia linked to that person as the first female president, Vaira Vike-Freiberga, who, as you know, a huge part of his life spent overseas — in Canada, and only 18 months before his own election to the presidency was a "native "Latvia. Tending to all the forces of European integration of the Latvian people long absence Vike-Freiberga at home was not embarrassed, and her election in 1999 country (Not all, of course) met with stormy applause and unceasing.

So what are all the same economic success of Mrs. Vaira, which instantly gave the monetary system of Latvia is so powerful impetus for development?

Perhaps, Madam President managed over the years to build a strong self-rule production system that has become truly competitive in Europe? Maybe Vike-Freiberga has used some of the money advanced laws to Latvia jerked in light of democratic and economic future? But neither the one nor the other Latvian President of the ladies on the floor light is produced. The main "achievement" Vike-Freiberga on his own post, according to many political analysts in the Latvia, was the fact that she deliberately showed his unquenchable zeal for the West to break what else ties with Russia. Anti-Russian rhetoric Vike-Freiberga during the entire term in office almost got away from her mouth, allowing Western partners to conclude, that in Riga on the presidential chair sits "our people." And to this man remained "our", the man, had to be sure to help both politically and economically. And this assistance went to Latvia. This, as already noted, the country's accession to the EU and NATO, and decent cash flows that suddenly for many Latvians began to come into the country from zabugornyh banks. Only now trusting Baltic citizens did not know then that Western aid has never been and will not be free of such at this time. This is the only Russian "invaders" could allow herself to help Latvia so that people in the "occupied" territories were better off than those who have these areas "occupied." European and overseas support was another. Outside, she looked strong and fraternal, but not in the distant look reveals that the Latvian "brothers" means no gifts to, and credited.

Billions of dollars have come to Latvia, filling it with life-giving force of the economy, which is brought to Riga, Liepaja, Jelgava and other town to such euphoria that a clicking sound counter Western power and the citizens have never heard of. But …

Latvia's accession to the WTO with the passage of time has led to the fact that the mountain of foreign products flooded store shelves, forcing local farmers to think about, but should generally be engaged in agricultural production in the country. Started another stage of the movement, which has reduced the size of the rural population from 1991 to 2009, almost 17%. With all this, it seemed that if the rural population in Latvia started to fall, respectively, was to increase the population of the cities, as in other countries. But nothing of the sort happened in Latvia. Local population after having been hospitably thrown open borders Schengen steady stream set about finding yourself the best life in the West.

Since the last census to date was that Latvia's population is about 2.2 million people (the level of the mid-50s of the last century). With all of this citizens Latvia account for only 83.8%. In 1989, the number of inhabitants of Latvia was more than 2.68 million people.

But the results of the Latvia's not even that consolation for the country census is considered very high. In almost all Latvian media in 2011 (year Census) published materials that are dedicated to the treatment of the strange population. One of the hottest topics for debate was the possibility of filling the card accounts via the Web. With all of this demographic obmyslili service is not a reliable system of protection of individual info and protection from re-taking them into account. After investigative reporting by the local media was that many people (including those intrigued in the "growth") made their data on a couple of times, and demographic life had to excel, even taking into account those who have more than 10 years, has already left for the country's borders . After the publication of controversial data for Latvia, became state that in Latvia today lives not 2.2 million, and less than 2 million. At the end of 2011 was even held a special adjustment of acquired as a result of the census data. In the CSB issued a total of 2.07 million, which showed significant initial disregard the fact of emigration. 2.07 million — is specifically that the demographic level, which Latvia in 1940-1944 corresponded respectively. Neither more nor less. Minus 70 — zdrasti, the characteristics of independence! ..

If we compare the data of the population of Latvia now with 1989 figures, it turns out that over recent years the number of inhabitants of the independence of the republic fell almost 23%. This disappointing performance. Many may say that the reduction of fixed priemuschestvenno due to the outflow of Russian families in the early 90's in Russia, but statistics says that Latvia began to leave far not only Russian, but also representatives of other nationalities, including them
selves Letts, who tried to find a more lucrative job.

It would seem that Latvia's accession to the EU, to which the country has led Mrs. Freiberga, in contrast, was to provoke the local economy. But the example of a number of countries in southern Europe, we know that in loans from the ECB does not go too far.

Freiberga safely gone, and the loans were Latvians, while the majority of them approached maturity. But to put out, it is necessary also to take money from somewhere. Means, apparently, was not there, but it was already standing on the threshold of the world monetary crisis that struck the economy of Latvia powerful punch.

The New York Times gives evidence that the economy of Latvia in 2009 fell almost 18%. This figure is put Latvia in last place in the world in terms of countering the global financial crisis. The last place in the world … In other words, no country has not met the economic crisis with such helplessness as Latvia, which is the entry into the WTO and the EU on reflection, that it will work for only the Germans and the French. With all of this immediately before the advent of large-scale crisis in Latvia, on the advice of the European comrades liberalized mortgage law, which led to the fact that less than a year, the Latvian real estate prices fell by almost a quarter, which led to the development of inflation to untold value for the European Union ( 17.9% per year). The Latvian authorities have tried to follow the path of inflation adjustments, which led to the appearance of deflation (almost 4%). This caused a severe economic crisis in the country, and threw Latvia at one of the lowest in the EU in terms of economic development.

The same Mrs. Freiberga, who quit the huge political affairs, now argues that the Latvian economy in general may crack as the chances that the Baltic republic will be in the euro area in recent years, are small, but if it turns out you can go to the Greek or the Italian scenario, the full credit. With all of this ex-president goes down for some reason on that, and who drew Latvia in gloomy credit field where Colosio impressive interest rates, appealing to maturity. A typical greeting from Dr. Vaira Vike-Freiberga, who reaped the glory of the majestic Latvian reformer, using foreign loans.

If you associate the nominal values of the Latvian and, for example, Russian GDP per capita now, in Russia the figure is $ 13,326, and in euroallied Latvia — about $ 12,200. With all of this municipal debt in Latvia in terms of percentage is 3.5 times more than the national debt of. But if the Russian Federation is, from what his reserves to pay off, here's a municipal debt of Latvia, the problem again. Now you can pay it only through external borrowing, which over time will increase again debt. A vicious circle turns …

In general, the time of day or the declaration of independence and the course of the encouraging and light life under the wing of a united Europe goes for Latvia, but somehow positive, at least from the outside, is not felt. Or embedded Latvia somehow incorrect, or it is already far not all Western comrades want to build its own large and ceases to be a cozy apartment. In general, before joining prazdnichka independence from Moscow in Latvia there will be time to remember and reflect, as "bad" Life under Russian "invaders."

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