Requiem for a dying army

Requiem for a dying army

Reflections on a 2-parades

Paradoxically, but according to the plan of the organizers, "the reality show" both the parade had to show a genuine victory parades. As chief, the capital — that the peripheral, Ryazan. Apparently, someone wanted to impress naïve Russians that army As before, our strong and invincible, that the "reform" of the Armed Forces, it is only for the benefit of … What came out of it still in effect? In fact, this is the purpose of this article. I realize that my reasons are not eligible for the truth in the last instance. Yet the twenty-five year experience of military service and, as a consequence, the ability to associate the state of affairs in the Russian Army and speak out today … its so-distant certain similarity, I think it gives me the right to more and least impartial assessment of the facts. Why and proceed. So …

"Pinzhaki" a parade

…I remember the Real defense ministers. Marshals of the Russian Union of Malinowski, Grechko, Ustinov, Sokolov … Stately, fine. With epaulets and lapels. Form a brand. Pleasure to look at! … "Hello, comrades!" — They sounded fine, sonorous voice of the commander. And he answered reddish area of a thousand echoes, coordinated, and synchronous resonance: "Ahoy want, Comrade Marshal Russian Union!" … For each CSKA downright creeps! .. And at the moment? ..

On the pavement area to the private "by tradition" of the human eye the main eyewitness Victory Parade — Lenin's Mausoleum — rolled out a convertible … with a jacket, which was placed in … the minister of defense. The spectacle of itself immediately and funny, and … well, awkward. But the feeling of depression is further enhanced by the thought of present-day organic to the Ministry of War. Where instead of knowing the case and officers smelled gunpowder many rooms occupied chattering girls in mini-skirts. Not army, The overweening so! .. I represent to myself the internal state collected in the military parade squads. Because they ought to listen to and welcome people who do not have a military service nor the smallest representation! Yes, yelling at him to mark three times, "Hurrah!" … Personally, I would not have withstood such izymatelstva, though not consider myself to be nervous … And I really understand the officers who have given their own "boss" unflattering nicknames — "pinzhak" and "Taburetkin" . Well, what can be done here objection?

More … everything went long been worked out, nakatannomu scenario. Pyshnovataya presidential speech from the throne. As usual, not a word about the Russian people, not a word about the Russian Army of Stalin, the Communists, the first bursting into battle … Everything is as usual. But … It's not called the naming and his enemy's side. For the first time Russian manager dispensed with such concepts as "Nazi Germany", "Nazis", etc. Aggressor country, he changed impersonal term "Nazism". And said, "defeated Nazism." That's it! Short and sweet … ordinariness and was military parade. In the sense that in the absence of today's achievements voenproma put in the main Russian technique glorious times. It's clear that she is a powerful and reliable. And then what? Causes huge uncertainties and the application of television commentator parade that 20 thousand soldiers took part in it were the garrison. According to the latest measure airborne units, and even more sea (!) Infantry in the capital definitely not. Leaves, harvested, where what's left? From the world of yarn, with pine forest on? ..

For bolschoy uveritelnosti give just one, but a very soft-spoken fact. But before that — somewhat misleading, ropes words. I think it is unlikely to be long to explain that in the modern (do not give her something god!) War one of the essential criteria of successful warfare is the mobility of troops, providing them with a sufficient amount of vehicles. So here, in Russia today there is not the 1st (!) Military car school where absolutely not too long ago prepared for class officers motorists. The last went "under the knife" and Chelyabinsk (as unfortunate it did not sound and oh!) Ryazan. This is the "modernization" of the Armed Forces, gentlemen, "reformers"? .. Well, since I hinted about Ryazanschine, it's time to run across and to the local theme.

I wish I did not look!

But … where they are, stubborn and persistent, you will get to? All the while they behold the all-you get a load of, just something they have to work! So at the moment I'm sad to see the remains of the once massive, incalculable Ryazan garrison, and compare today's "truncated", a three-minute march parade square with a stunning spectacle of Russian era. Clearly, this comparison is not in favor of the day or the current one. Where does this parade to be today, if I have already mentioned in the list of the fallen "avtomobilke" you can safely add on and pushed into oblivion School of Communication? Well, so far the only one of the remaining schools (amphibious) "orphaned". After all, there temporarily (?) Stopped recruitment of students for training in the officer specialties. Back in the nineties air defense regiment disbanded, and later — part of the railway. Not so long ago fell by two-thirds of military medical personnel garrison hospital … In a word, all right! "Optimization" on Ryazanschine military sector is in full swing! .. Picture of the parade would be even more depressing, but the situation "straightened" the forces of the future lawyers (Academy of Economics and Law), and the personnel of the Office of the … penalties. They have something in the main and provided "momentum" of the procession. What can not be said about Russia's defense and security …

And, in the end, ma-and-a-Lenka "shtrishok one for the road" … In the course of the parade in the sky over the city several times appeared … "corncob" … "That's it? — I ask standing next to military pilots — Where is your cruise Diaghilev's handsome? "…" Kerosene dumb "- told me servicemen and hard, sighed resignedly … Comments are required!

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