Rescuers evacuated 28 people from the area of the flood Primorye

 Rescuers Dalnerechensk Primorye region, 28 people were evacuated from flood zones, where they are cut off from roads and housing overflowing river, told RIA Novosti the edge GUMCHS.

Previously reported that in the guerrilla zone near the village at the mouth of the river Novolitovskaya Litovka because of rising water were cut off 20 tourists by 12 cars. They refused to evacuate. Rescuers brought them food and water. In Dalnerechensk area on a tributary of the river robin because of the spill and its destruction of the bridge was cut off, presumably, a group of ten guests. In addition, the apiary near them are beekeeper and two children.

"It turned out that only in the group, cut off from the housing and roads flood, was 31 people, including five children. Rescuers in a helicopter evacuated 11 adults and three children, and 14 others with the help of rescuers got out of the flood zone and get your own. Three people were in place, do not want to leave the car unattended, "- said the source.

He added that rescuers have provided three people left on the ground, drinking water and food.

Heavy rains in Primorye podtopili 282 backyard and 38 basements of houses. Due to the elements over a thousand people in ten villages without electricity. Flood damaged 14 bridges in the three districts of the region, the magnitude of the local roads, disrupting transport links to nearby villages.

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