Restaurants in Moscow: the systematization

Restaurants in Moscow: classification

Systematize restaurants in Moscow is possible, of course, the great number of features. Below — ordering on such grounds as the reason for visit.

Restaurant for a romantic rendezvous

Choosing restaurant for romantic meetings, should take care of that, so that the institution was a really comfortable atmosphere, pleasant and blurred lights on, soft and melodious music for dancing, and unobtrusive service and the menu varied. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the distance between the tables — it is better that it was not the least to the guests had the opportunity to conduct private conversations without interfering with each other. In Moscow, a romantic date you can successfully organize in such places: Palazzo Ducale, «Turandot", "Aurora".

Restaurant for a friendly get-togethers

Meeting with friends — an occasion for joy. In order for such a meeting was very successful, it is necessary to suspend the selection at the institution, which is located near public transportation stops, where there is a wide range of alcoholic beverages are also cheap and savory dishes. Such institutions are "Birshtolts", "Altmyuller House", "The Valley of the Sun."

Restaurant for home entertainment

In order to have a great time with the loved ones — his own family, to the choice of a "place of dislocation" should be approached very kind. First, institution must have good reviews about the kitchen. Also important are the reasons: the price of food, the availability of areas for smokers and non-smokers and children's menu (if you plan to take their children with them.) These institutions one can include "MOTHER PASTE" "Sempliche" "111 Bar."

Restaurant for a business meeting

When choosing a place for a business meeting, it is necessary to pay attention to these points: the quality of service, the prestige of institutions, convenience of driving and parking availability, low noise level in the room (so you can not natuzhivayas, to talk about business.) Are suitable for this: «O2 Lounge», «first officer meeting», «Art` s Palace »,« Bel'etage ».

In addition, regardless of the purpose of the visit to the restaurant and the company, in order to avoid negative memories, should pay their attention to the contingent present in the establishment.

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