Revealed weird parts bin Ladens death

Disclosed details of the strange death of Bin LadenBin Laden was unarmed and did not use his wife as a human shield. Obama has not beheld time of the murder.

Presidential spokesman Jay Carney United States on Tuesday announced that the latest details about the death of "terrorist number one"Proved to be unreliable.

He said that bin Laden was unarmed and did not use his wife as a human shield.

Snow-white House also denied reports that one of the wives of the terrorist was killed.

Now they claim that the lady had only slightly wounded in the leg.

According to Carney, the wife of the offender desperately fought for her life wife and lashed out at the U.S. soldiers who broke into her home.

Earlier, Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan said the U.S. that bin Laden along with his associates fired back 40 minutes from American spetsnazevtsev and cover his own wife, who was murdered.

— He was shot from behind her — reported a senior bureaucrat.

— Osama resisted. And he was shot and killed in a shootout — confirmed the statement's own colleagues another employee of the presidential administration at a briefing on the same day. — Our men went into the room where bin Laden was met with massive resistance on his part, and were obliged to take the necessary measures.

Disclosed details of the strange death of Bin LadenBut in the evening Sun revealed that bin Laden was shot naked.

One white houses of the employees who attended the viewing live videovklyucheniya from the surgical site to eliminate "terrorist number one"I am sure that it was completely wrong.

— I do not remember that he had a gun — he said.

Snow-white house to this day can not dare to publish footage eliminate Bin Landen.

Representatives of the South American government assured the journalists that the real footage is very cruel to be published.

Yet the CIA convinced of the need to show the world killing "terrorist number one. "

According to management employees, at some point these will Cardew like shooting "funeral" of bin Laden at sea.

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