Revolution in Ukraine will not. No matter what

Revolution in Ukraine will not.  No matter what

The arrest on August 5, ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko for "contempt of court" has caused a growth of interest in the already bored community lawsuit over gas agreements of 2009. The eccentric behavior of the defendant substantially all tired, and her reminders about how it day and night, concerned for the "good of the national" began to cause a yawn. Because the process of termination of broadcasting on television and then in the web of special feelings in people of Ukraine did not cause.

Well, time to express feelings wrong. In urban residents is not over the holiday period, and the village busy harvesting and stockpiling for the winter. But the main thing is not the point. Disappointment people actions "orange" government led by Viktor Yushchenko and Yulia Tymoshenko, those "gentlemen's" relations that reigned in their camp, now supplemented by the growing skepticism with regard to the ruling Party of Regions and now her favorites.

As a result, the society grows apathy and indifference towards politics and politicians in general. According to a public opinion poll conducted in June by GFK Ukraine, 67% of the population does not trust the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. While in December 2010 by 27% more people do not trust the president, than trust, in June 2011, the gap increased to 48%.

Even worse situation with the confidence of the most Julia Tymoshenko: June 2011 up 52% of people do not trust her, than trust. Now 70% of Ukrainians do not trust the former prime minister.

Not escaped the crisis of confidence and the leading political forces of the country. If parliamentary elections were held in late May 2011, 22.8% of respondents (among those who would take part in the elections) would vote for the Party of Regions, 18.8% — for BYT — Fatherland. Meanwhile, back in February, these characteristics were 31.9% and 19.7%, respectively. Yavna trend.

One can also note that the rating of the Party of Regions has reduced faster than the level of party support Tymoshenko. But a lot though what the party has come to power. Even more alarming must, in particular the ex-prime minister, that does not grow rating of the main opposition force. And all for the reason that every day or a day increases the number of voters who do not believe the Party in general. The May poll by the Razumkov Center showed that 32.8% of the respondents "fully trust" political parties, and 41.8% of those surveyed — "probably do not trust."

Hard to believe, but even to the National Bank, the source of countless ills of the "little Ukrainians" for the last 20 years, the level of distrust is almost half that of parties, each of which claims to be the nation eyed dog.

"Glory to Ukraine!" Instead of "Long live the most human tribunal in the world!"

Tymoshenko was waiting for her arrest. Because previously produced a video of the "Address to the people." Of Appeal that she "is not in their favor privatized factories, power plants, land of minerals, houses." "Everything that has a government, I put at the service for you, not thieves from politics" — cheerfully said Julia. Immediately past the prime identified that in political asylum in any other country even though it does not need and will never escape from the Ukraine, for "how much will power and life," she is going to protect people and the Ukraine.

What's all the same for the prosecution, Tymoshenko believes that "besides the corrupt courts Yanukovych has other courts. There is a European tribunal, which will be confirmed by my legal right. And then there is the tribunal of God, and from which will protect the authority nor the means of those who do injustice. "

Text own appeal Tymoshenko graduated from the well-known nationalist greeting "Glory to Ukraine!" Rely on him to answer "Glory to Heroes!". Under the "heroes" in this case refers to members of the so called "natsіonalno-vizvolnih zmagan", in other words, members of gangs OUN / UPA.

Independence of the theory

And that was followed by the arrest. Usually, responded to the "international community." August 8 British newspaper «Financial Times» said the international community has an increasing pressure on Ukraine to the fact that the authorities in Kiev Yulia Tymoshenko released. August 6, the United States made an official statement, which states that "the arrest of former Prime Minister Tymoshenko is a concern in regard to the rule of law in Ukraine, and only strengthens suspicions that the question of politically targeted persecution." Similar statements were made by the authorities of Canada, the UK and several European countries.

And what does happen in the Ukraine? More recently the coming arrest Tymoshenko ally, although some they say that once inside and the main rival of BYT, Natalia Tsar's party said it would hold mass protest in defense of Yulia Tymoshenko. "I warn the authorities that if you dare to arrest our favorite at the moment, deprived of its legitimate right to defend himself in the name of his good faith judgment, our party will lead people to the square, "- said the deputy.
With all this she urged supporters of the opposition parties to support the party and to protect the "European choice of our country."

But Independence — is, for the most part of the theory. For the moment of the arrest of Yulia Tymoshenko, and YTB seems to know that it will take place specifically in this day and hiked up to the building of Pechersk District Court, a few hundred people showed that people are not against circuses, but take their role is not lust . Even for a certain fee — everyone knows that political action on Ukraine carried out only if the cash settlement to their members.

Inability to mobilize people for mass protests acknowledged by BYuT. That's what told in the Aug. 8 online edition of the "Ukrainian Truth" Alexander Turchinov, once a close ally of former prime minister: "In the day of arrest, when the hassle during the trial of Tymoshenko removal from the structure of the court, in some places 500 people (an obvious exaggeration. — Ed.) … fought with the "Berkut". But even more people (he says the truth — it was a lot of onlookers. — Ed.) Stood on the other side of Khreschatyk, ate ice cream and photographed! Maybe someone in the middle of their pity us. But the best part was not ready for action, and saw the dreaded: curious as to how all this will end. "

Now I wish to share personal experiences. On Sunday, August 7 in Kiev has stood amazing weather: sun, no wind, 26 + in the shade. Many Kiev residents flocked to the beaches. Formally, they are all closed — some stick showed up. But Ukraine is not something that the bans, even on laws no special attention, not forwards. Visited one of the beaches and me. A long time wandering in the middle of tourists trying to hear how they are worried about the illustrious prisoner, and the honor of "anti-people regime." But none of them for the fate of Tymoshenko and her political allies did not survive, at least out loud. On the "mode" too, no one mentioned it.

Topics were other people: kids go to school, and the form has risen. But the cabbage in the market (by the way, the beloved Prime Ministe
r Mykola Azarov product), by contrast, fell. On Arabatsky arrow rest of the season perfectly, and in the Crimea, and so cheap Only one woman, as it turned out, in the past, a police officer, spoke, was that "so Julia and necessary". Deserved, he says, his past deeds. But the subject never developed.

In general, there was one old man with a western Ukrainian accent, which, going from trestle to trestle, spoke about the advantages of Tymoshenko and how it would be great to come back into the arms of her Yushchenko. But vigilant vacationers saw that, doing "agitation and propaganda," he accumulates power by a cocktail of vodka and kvass. And when the nationalist, the strength of this Makar, sang in the Russian language "lies a sea of well …", he was offered a recital to continue beyond the beach …

In Timoshenko hoped that leg of the Western governments will, at least, for the release of Yulia Tymoshenko out of. But on August 8 the tribunal rejected a defense motion to abolish the remand in custody. Tymoshenko earlier "systematically violated the Code of Criminal Procedure, did not appear in court at the scheduled time for the establishment of the truth, and that therefore adopted the measure in the form of detention," — explained to the court. "Tribunal sees no reason to configure a preventive measure, because there is no intercessor in the application configuration justify measures "- that was the result.

Because, apparently, Yulia Tymoshenko is still a lot of time to spend in the cell "with renovated" Lukjanovsky jail, as emphasized by Ukrainian media. Right before the end of the trial and sentencing. Revolving way hardly probable, for it would mean the defeat of the Party of Regions. In addition, the demarches of Western countries — this is not one of their front. We have already spoken reasonable view that the trial of Tymoshenko in the negotiations with the EU on the FTA will not affect. With regard to another tranche of the IMF, it is not so necessary, and Ukraine. Faster, on the contrary.

Moreover, the "Arab Spring" has shown the power of Ukrainian and saw it and appreciated that separate the West has always taken person can "pass" to save his own sphere of influence in the country. Oh what a close friend of Washington was Hosni Mubarak, but even they have sacrificed.

For the sake of the political ambitions of Julia Tymoshenko West to a new version of the maidan 2004 will not work. And without the help of others to arrange a municipal coup YTB not. The country is not the same, people have changed, but so fragmented opposition will not be able to merge. Samples are and will be, but it all will end …

That byutovets Sergey Sobolev announced on August 8 that nine opposition parties signed a memorandum demanding the immediate release of Yulia Tymoshenko, also agreed to make a single committee of resistance to dictatorship. However, knowing the Ukrainian opposition, you can safely say that nothing they have not yet signed. According to another would have shaken the paper with the text of the memorandum. And if they sign, so what? After all these parties, except BYT — Fatherland and dilapidated Our Ukraine, all dwarf.

One can imagine that the tent with supporters of exiled former prime minister on Khreschatyk Street and around the court some time standing up. As long as they have not been touched, well, for what? The more garbage around them and stronger than "flavor" of the composting toilets, the more irritated all this will cause in Kiev. It was then that "at the request of workers" can and will take care of the cleanliness of the main streets of the capital. And there, look, and the end of the trial arrives …

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