Revolutionary keep. Step

Revolutionary keep.  Step

The events in Tripoli and along the coast somehow not quite seen or heard of what is happening in Cyrenaica. Place where the rebellion was legalized, gained strength and became a springboard to reformat the rebel gangs.

Immediately possible to tell — apparently, everything is going according to plan. Various forces clashed on the ground Cyrenaica — and are between a war of extermination. When these Gaddafi forces were bridled and stalled — now wild and bestial, they cut each other and all that is there.

First force — and in number, and according to his ability — the followers of the dark cult as-Senussi. Bedouin tribes Obeid and Haruba. They were the base of the anti-colonial war against Italy — but the base specific. They worked for the British crown, were supplied by the British, did support for the British presence. And lord Idris became a puppet of the British, and the Order of the Senussi — his ideological department of the Central Committee. To put it mildly, the views of al-Senussi and his teachings caused frightened even the faithful — and other than obscurantist, their name is very difficult. Religious fanaticism senusitov was richly flavored with ethnic and racial hatred. The hatred of blacks and blacks in general, hate to fetsanskim tribes — and at first, Tuareg, very cannibalistic practices of executions — in general, it is difficult to name the kids good-natured and hard enough they fit into the image of a generous desert dweller.

Gaddafi rebellion and offset Idris were met by a very friendly in all areas of Libya in almost all due to the fact that the reign of King Idris noted a surge of activity senusitov, the dominance of the gloomy and evil people from Obeid — in general, it would not adore a very good king.

Second power Cyrenaica — Islamic humus, Tobruk, Al-Baida and Benghazi. Historically the Libyan coast of modern times was a sort of Mediterranean Tortuga. A place where escaped from the heavy hand of their own rulers to free life. Because the Libyan coastal town became a place of concentration very dashing folk — and very quickly took their differentiation. For example, Misurata has one's own name (Misr in Arabic — Egypt) was the place where the left for a variety of reasons, the Egyptians. West Coast — Tripoli to Tunis and the band — has become a place where the Ottoman soldiers settled. Their descendents — became the basis of the modern population of these territories, spreading along the coast to Misrata. Band between Tobruk and Benghazi lucky least — religious fanatics, the Salafis, criminal scum fragments majestic Arabian Caliphate, and later the Ottoman Empire began to gather it is here.

And if Benghazi and Tobruk in different circumstances are market towns and fanatical rabble was abundantly diluted trade fraternity — also, by the way, not a bother to the laws, the humus and Al-Bayda steel towns who for many decades, it only takes one product — terrorists, suicide bombers, assassins. Al-Bayda, by the way — the family nest Obeidi, and because the Islamists of Al-Baida — is the main senusity, with radicals-senusity. In other words, compared to these guys even colleagues from the humus — silent lamb. One satisfaction — they did slightly.

It should be noted that the share of today's suicide Libyans in relation to the entire population of Libya is higher than that of the same figure in Saudi Arabia. And you can imagine for yourself what the real factor, given that the majority of Libyans terrorists come specifically from these four cities in Cyrenaica. By the way, about 70% of Libyans terrorists — is suicide. So we can only estimate the degree of fanaticism of these people.

On this day Humus is controlled by the typical triumvirate. 1st triumvir — Abdul-Karim al-Hassid. Proclaimed the Islamic Emirate of humus immediately after the start of the rebellion. Guantanamo inmate. A graduate of the training camps of Osama bin Laden at Khost. Taken prisoner by the Pakistanis and transferred to the Yankees. After serving in Guantanamo Bay, was transferred to Libya, but managed to say no to someone in an interview, and the Wall Street Journal that he was left with the least 50% of the hatred of America than before.

Humus is the second triumviry chauffeur of Osama, stamped the same area as the El Hassid — Guantanamo. Sufian bin Kumu (Sufian bin Kumu). I do not know on what and where he took the dead bin Laden, but the title of the driver wears with pride. After all, why not — after all, were we in Chechnya Tractor.

General — Guantanamo one way or another, but became the center of recruiting — more precisely, pereverbovki — many of which are now recognized and on hearing the brave young men. In Yemen, for example, does guys are al-Qaida under the command of a certain al-Shihri — and also as a surprisingly graduate Guantanamo. Do not stir, and some of the Frunze Academy.

Third force Cyrenaica — though to all Cyrenaica, it does not have the case, but rather only to a single point on its map — Benghazi. City bengaziyskaya gopota. Jackals night streets.

Take for example, the children of Kazan "Hadi Taktasha" uralmashevtsev, Solntsevskaya, Chelninsky 29 complex since their resounding fame and position all in one city. Give them indefinitely at least some (note reddish — at least some) gun and remove from the streets of at least some hint of the law enforcement agencies. You will receive a feeble shadow of Benghazi today.

In the spring, even the most pro-Western journalists wrote about the strangeness of the revolutionary militia patrolling city and suggestive revolutionary order. Young revolutionaries willingly knew of hirelings Gaddafi, whom they pick out nightly from their homes and heard by over them revolutionary justice. On combating the criminal element that is flooded city, militia squads were in charge of more and more confused and hearsay.

Val crime engulfed Benghazi, Tobruk. According to reports, the Ajdabiya at the moment does not look better.

Eventually, Fourth force Cyrenaica — going silent in transit westwards unknown people. They appear from nowhere and disappear into nowhere. Local disassembly does not motivate them and do not touch — but judging by the few reports, for these people it does not matter what kind of animals are larger desert wombat, came up to the firing range — an enemy that is subject to immediate destruction. Apparently, specifically those people and are an inexhaustible resource until the rebels to conduct desert warfare. Afghans, Pakistanis, Arabians, Iraqis — difficult to understand what kind of people, but specifically it is now waging war on the West. Apparently, set in Mazar-e-Sharif, which is almost completely Poleg in Tripoli — is not only the completion of NTC troops.

Here's a revolutionary romance today in the East. It is not in vain PNS pulled out like the devil from holy water. Interestingly, if the revolutionaries managed to at home so shit for six months, which were not able to be there — what did they perpetrate their neighbors, which they broke without permission?

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