Robert Gates: South American troops withdraw from Afghanistan in 2011

Robert Gates: U.S. troops withdraw from Afghanistan in 2011

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that U.S. troops will not be withdrawn from Afghanistan hereinafter year.

In an interview with ABC television Gates noted that Washington anticipates "limited" withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

But, according to the minister, the rate and extent of reduction of troops will depend on the luck of operations of international forces against the militants, reports Radio "Liberty".

Note that now the Netherlands became the first member of the coalition that brought troops from Afghanistan. Dutch contingent numbered about two thousand people. During the operation in Afghanistan, the Netherlands lost 24 soldiers.

As previously reported, "Rosbalt", the purpose of the war in Afghanistan, ordinary and achievable. On this, as RBC, U.S. President Barack Obama in the South American broadcast television channel CBS. According to him, Washington is trying to impose Kabul "dzheffersonskuyu model of democracy." "We just wish that Afghanistan does not become to be a safe haven for terrorists, — he said. — To achieve this it is difficult, but it certainly can be. "

As previously reported, chtto representatives of the U.S. Republican Party and salting in the country of Afghanistan Said Tayeb Jawad opposed the intentions of U.S. President Barack Obama to start output U.S. troops from Afghanistan next year.

According to Republicans, the plan heads white houses is wrong and will only strengthen the extremist groups "Taliban" and "Al Qaeda" in the region. "I know what the strategy, and strategy. If you tell the enemy that you're leaving on a certain date, obviously, the enemy will wait until you leave, "- said Senator John McCain.

Senator Lindsey Graham believes that the definition of the latter term withdrawal can damage the NATO mission, creating "confusion and uncertainty." In her opinion, the term ad withdrawal "deprives a chance to win."

With this agreement and the salting of Afghanistan to the United States, who is convinced that a timetable for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan should be close to reality, and is based on reality.

Previously, information on the withdrawal of troops from NATO Afghanistan Secretary of State has confirmed Hillary Rodham Clinton during a meeting with Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski in Krakow. She said that output Troops will begin in 2011.

The U.S. imposed troops in Afghanistan October 7, 2001 in response to the terrorist attacks in New York on September 11. The number of U.S. troops killed since the war has already exceeded one thousand.

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