Rocket and Artillery Broadsword

Soon after adopting anti-aircraft missile and artillery system (SPAR) "Dirk", developed in the Tula KBP and set up for self-defense ships, work on the topic of combined anti-aircraft guns were continued. In the Instrument Design Bureau took the path of modernization has made the complex ("Dirk-M" and "Dirk-MO"), and in the capital is no clear KB Mechanical Engineering. AE Nudelman began work on his project SPAR, named "Broadsword".

The first reports of the development of "Broadsword" appeared in 1994 on for a certain time information appeared in the very modest means quantities. But at 97, he became known for a rough view of the future air defense complex, and more precisely its cannon part — eight missiles and two 30-mm six-barrel machine. In the middle of the 2000s experienced a standard "Broadsword" went for field tests conducted on the "object 30" in the Crimea. In autumn 2005, after the firing of range, anti-aircraft weapon station complex (code 3R89) sent to Sevastopol, where the number 13 at the shipyard installed it on a missile boat P-60. Shipboard tests SPAR "Broadsword" lasted until 2007. It must be emphasized that in the proving ground and naval fire tests were carried out only with machine guns — Rocket "Pine-R" to the point were not yet ready. In December of the same year complex was adopted, specifically in trial operation. In addition, it was planned to establish a "Broadsword" on the second boat — P-239 — but for several reasons, the main monetary character, P-60 and was alone.

Self-assembly of SPAR "Broadsword" in a certain way resembles its predecessor "Dirk". The same powerful base and along the edges of the AO-18 machines, transport and launch canisters, rockets. But the "Broadsword" has a different guidance system, which also affected the way spetsefichesky outer form. In the higher part of the combat module 3R89 is optikolokatsionnaya control station "Shar", closed spherical shell. Because of this detail all the combat module has some similarities with the robots of the military mission of some feature films, once noted that many fans of military equipment. The station "ball" is in its own a television-optical station television and thermal channel, laser range finder and a control system anti-aircraft missiles. Also, back in the early works of "Broadsword", planned to supplement complex radar, placed in a separate enclosure. But until now the radar is not finished, did not participate in the trial and for admission into service is not out of the question. So Makarov, for the detection and guidance used only station "Shar", but some sources claim that the automatic "Broadsword" can receive data from its own radar ship carrier. Without the use of radar data OLSU "ball" is able to detect and display a missile at a target which within ± 178 ° in azimuth and -20 ° to +82 in elevation. With all of this accompanied by retention goals ensured by its angular velocity of 50 deg / s. The greatest distance, determined by laser range finder — 20 km, with all this take on the tracking of targets can occur on the smallest distances from 16 km for the aircraft, 10 helicopters, and for about 8-10 for the cruise missile. But almost always confident detection and tracking of targets can only be at a distance of 6 km.

Artillery SPAR "Broadsword" consists of 2-automatic guns of 30 mm caliber AO-18KD. From past versions are distinguished by a longish barrel (80 gauge) and, as a consequence, the best ballistic missile. Effective range of guns — from 200 to 4000 meters, and the rate of fire — up to 5000 rounds per minute to Machine (total — up to 10 thousand). Artillery "Broadsword" could very well destroy targets, soaring up to 300 m / s at an altitude of 3 km. The reaction time artillery system, according to CB Tochmash, is 5-7 seconds. Ammunition machines — up to 1500 rounds. Feeder ammunition — bezzvenevoy screw. AO-18KD can use the following types of ammunition:
— BPTS. Armor-piercing projectiles with a hard core (alloy permit). There is a tracer. There are, first, to undermine the warhead shell the cruise missile;
— OFZS. High-explosive, incendiary shell;
— UTS. Fragmentation projectiles filled with tracer.

As already mentioned, at the time of testing complex rocket "Pine-R" (index Grau 9M337), developed by KB Tochmash has not yet been communicated to the respective condition. Because existing photos "Broadsword" with TPK missiles are past or mock-ups, or the result of photomontage. For this reason will be given below the claimed design office properties missiles. With the length and weight of the WPK in 2390 mm and 36-39 kg (data from various sources differ), respectively rocket can affect the aerodynamic targets at ranges of 1,300 meters. The largest range of defeats the purpose of "Pine-R" is 8 km in the case of airplanes, or 4 km at work on antiship missiles. Homing missiles at the target with the laser is a corresponding node station "ball." The stated accuracy of the guidance is up to 15 seconds of arc. During the flight to the target, "Pine-R" can maneuver with transverse overloading up to 52 and the longitudinal to 40 units. The highest speed and altitude target at which rocket may well hit it is 700 m / s and 2-3500 m, respectively. The warhead missiles with high-explosive 12-channel laser proximity fuze. Its total weight — 5 pounds.

Module OESU "Ball" SPAR "Broadsword"

Apart from the option "Broadsword" export version designed air defense systems under the title "Palma". Unique modification of it is different variations of the composition of equipment and execution. At the request of the customer "Palma" can be produced in several versions:
— A complete set: combat module (up to 4 on the same ship), the radar station and the "ball";
— only battle module (can be equipped with OLSU "ball"), with missile and artillery weapons;
— only battle module (can be equipped with OLSU "ball") with missile weapons;
— only combat module (can be equipped with OLSU "Shar") with artillery weapons;
— container modification. Designed for use on unprepared ships, for example, on converted for military use civilian courts.

Rocket and Artillery "Broadsword"

In the Russian Navy SPAR "Broadsword" Now there is only one copy — on missile boat P-60. Be fitted with a "broadsword" of other ships did not understand, but in light of the protracted development of rockets for the complex is hardly life-affirming plans to build on the fate of the entire complex.

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