Rocket attack on America

November 16 marks the 20-year flight of the R-7 satellite from Plesetsk in the U.S.!

A very long time ago, heard and remembered about this event, but for a long time afterward could not find a trace. He remembered only the essence — our budding businessmen bought from the royal arsenal missile R-7 and paid for it to run across America …

Rocket attack on America

So the chronology of events

November 16 1992 year. Let them combat crew of the 1st of Plesetsk launch sites, getting the long-awaited team from Moscow, solemnly chastises the 'prayer' scheme set to launch at the end turns the key to train the "Ready" and confidently pushes the "Start" button. After a few moments rocket medium P-7 with a 5-ton warhead "P-500" detached from the launcher and the illuminating light districts massive roar and quickly gaining height and leaning towards the North Pole lies on a trajectory estimated flight to the USA!

November 21, 1992. New-york. The Associated Press reports. In the U.S., Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., the launch of the satellite in programmke "Star Wars." It was launched by rocket "Scout". The satellite, weighing 149 kg, is intended to work on the SDI program there, providing for the establishment of large-scale missile defense system with the elements based gallakticheskogo …

According to ITAR-TASS 22 November 1992 at 21:39 Mw. (18:39 Guards.) After 7 days of orbital flight of the product "P-500", launched on Nov. 16 from Plesetsk Missile Forces combat crew, planning headed for the intended target in the square with coordinates 46.7 degrees, north latitude and 126.5 grad. west longitude, 190 km off the west coast of the USA (near Seattle, WA) …
So, what good old time since 1957, the Russian missile troops were ready, reached!
The product "P-500", which has the following main tactical and technical characteristics:
weight — 5 519.3 kg. length — 7.2 m, width — 2.3 m, R-7 rocket successfully abandoned on the ground potential enemy!

More …

All this was done on the flight programmke "Europe — USA-500" in 1992, dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America. Flight symbolized an end to the era of military confrontation between the West and the East, the beginning of cooperation between the Russian Federation and the United States and the transformation of the economy from military to civilian establishment. The initiator of the project was the last employee Samara "Samara Space Center Progress" Alexander Bazlov. Director General of the consortium "Europe — USA-500" that conducted international humanitarian project was O.F.Ochin. Investors were 500 Russian businessmen, models of products which have been placed in the capsule with the humanitarian aid. In addition, there were pictures of kids around the world, a number of projects in the field of education, the environment and culture, and also the message of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin, the former Minister of England Margaret Thatcher and other European favorites and politicians who supported the project.

Gallaktichesky machine "Resource-500", made at the Samara plant "Progress" and belonging to a group of private companies in Russia, "brought" to its own 19 freight containers congratulations South American nation with 500 anniversary of the discovery of America and the Government of the Russian parliament. Apart from this, a number of commercial projects proposed South American business and marketing products of Russian companies.

Most importantly, as a sign of reliability of Russian art, brought a crystal sculpture of Freedom, which thanks to the breeding and Myagenko myagenkoy such as planting, withstood all the overload! After all, the carrier apparatus was the same reliable "Union", the famous royal granddaughters of the R-7, and the "Resource-500" was a modification of the landing vehicle "Vostok" Yuri Gagarin and in combination — the warhead ICBMs.
Everything went normally, being in the splashdown area, the ship measuring complex of the Russian Navy "Marshal Krylov," climb aboard "gallakticheskogo intruder" and delivered it to south american City of Seattle, where the celebration will be held on this occasion.

Satellite "Resource 500" actually flew on the same route as the plane "Record range" Valery Chkalov, in other words flew over the North Pole and the Arctic Ocean splashdown in the districts of South American town of Seattle, in the same state of Washington.

The other day, this unique action in the town of Mirny was the subject of extinction envelopes after the planned launch. But because even the organizers of the run up to the end were not convinced of the rocket launch, then a special cancellation are not many people knew. At the moment, the owners of the rarest unique envelopes are a very small number of serving and working at Plesetsk.

Rocket attack on America

As usual, not left without Russian usual absurdities and undeserved punishment … First to find the lander during landing marine pilot Maj. Mike Putyatin, crew deck of the Ka-27, it is encouraged for gallakticheskimi commander of the forces of. As a recognized understanding — level professionals Putiatina no on the entire Pacific Fleet.

But — the convict was an outstanding pilot in spring 2004 fell into the Ussuri Bay taking off from the deck of a huge anti-submarine ship "Admiral Tributs" helicopter Pacific Fleet "Ka-27PS." Lieutenant colonel, commander of the squadron Misha Putiatin accused of negligence in preparing the flight and was sentenced to 4 years of captivity, "loop" of the military justice swept on the neck of the 1st of the best professionals in the Pacific Aviation …

As heard another step preparation of the shares, the initial thought was a bit different — just wanted to ground the satellite is the same place where Chkalov landed.
But a sober assessment of the U.S. State Department plan, rejected this part of …

And Samara team, of course, encouraged this comic song Togliatti Bard J. Panyushkina:
What dreams gate of our
What dreams gate of our —
We do, brother, without distinction.
How zasandalit on horns —
So go smoke from all the cracks.
Chorus: Ahoy, Ahoy, an armored personnel carrier,
Ahoy, Ahoy, an armored personnel carrier!
On theirs tantrum
Come steel systems.
Columbus discovered America,
And we will close.
Chorus: Ahoy, Ahoy, under an armored personnel carrier,
Ahoy, Ahoy, under an armored personnel carrier

As they say, the parable of heresy, but it hints — fellows a good lesson!

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