Rockets play for blind

Rockets play for blind

Moscow wants to exchange Patriot in Poland at the S-300 to Iran

Last week in the town of Morong in northern Poland from the German town of Kaiserslautern arrived battery South American anti-missile Patriot PAC-2. Four launchers and weaving with little soldiers and officers. Met them solemnly. The event arrived Minister of Defence of Poland Bogdan Klich, head of logistics in Europe, the U.S. Army Brigadier General Mark Bellini and south american salting in Warsaw Lee Feinstein. Drew attention to this event and in Moscow.

Puzzled about the emergence in Poland of U.S. anti-aircraft missiles to seventy kilometers from the border with the Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation expressed the minister of foreign affairs Sergey Lavrov. "Why should certainly do something to create a memory, as if Poland is strengthened against the Russian Federation, that I do not understand it," — said the foreign minister at a press conference in the capital. Sharp criticism of such a step Warsaw and Washington expressed and chairman of the State Duma committee on international affairs Konstantin Kosachev.

«Patriot in no way fit into today's logic, in today's spirit of Russian-Polish relations, which have a real chance to normalize," — said Kosachev. According to him, the deployment of U.S. Patriot missiles 60 kilometers from the Russian border "is devoid of any military logic, but in a meaningful way undermines the climate of trust that as it started to be adjusted between Russia and the United States, between Russia and NATO."

Made a statement on this issue and the speaker of parliament, Boris Gryzlov, which warned the United States that in the discussion of the Contract START which President has brought to the Duma for ratification, parliamentarians make out the theme of placing missiles in Poland. According to Gryzlov, they went out and brought an appropriate response to such acts. Put it even tougher and a representative of the Foreign Ministry at a seminar in the Capital Carnegie Foundation, dedicated to the discussion of the new START metropolitan professionals. In the presence of European diplomats, including those from Poland, he said, citing his personal opinion, just the act referred to Washington and Warsaw "unfriendly and provocative." What caused the protest pochetaemyh in the military professionals?

Indeed whether Poland strengthened against RF? Then there are questions. But before we can answer them, you need to know and take into account that those anti-aircraft missiles, which the Pentagon has brought from Kaiserslautern in Morong, no military threat to our country and do not represent the Kaliningrad region. And not only because at least some SAM — a purely defensive weapon, and we're not going to attack Poland — a NATO member. The battery itself Patriot, which appeared on the ground of the Commonwealth, are educational. There is not even on their missiles. And they will stay here only a month, and on June 16 will go back on its base in Germany. So it will be another three times this year and four in 2011 and 2012. Warsaw wants to change their outdated anti-aircraft missile systems S-125 "Pechora" made in the USSR 70 years who have exhausted their presence guaranteed terms on duty (there are several hundred Poles), with new ones that will come to them from the American firm Raytheon in 2013. And it will be trained to manage experts at this technique on such "travel" systems.

Deputy Defence Attaché at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Moscow, Colonel Jacek Vesolovski wonders:

-Why no one reads, against whom targeted anti-aircraft missiles With-300, which put our homeland Belarus? A Russian S-300 in Armenia? Upgraded C-125 "Pechora-2" in Tajikistan? Why zeal for every sovereign state to protect its air space to create someone's making against anyone? I do not understand.

With such formulation of the problem is difficult not to agree. Of course, sadly, that the Poles have decided not to purchase our S-300PMU "Favorite", which, according to the views of many professionals, more efficient and more reliable than Patriot PAC-2 and even embodiment PAC-3. But can not escape it, — Poland, unlike Greece, is also a member of NATO, must be equal to it adopted standards and requirements. And buy what she imposed. By the way, the decision to purchase American complexes was taken Rzeczpospolita not yesterday or today, but back in 2005. So the emergence of Patriot in Morong for experienced people could not be a surprise.

It (this occurrence — VL), of course, on first glance looks like Obama's compensation for the missile complex GBI, which was to be located in Poland, according to the plans of George W. Bush in the process of the creation of the third strategic missile defense which really threatened Russian strategic deterrence forces. But in fact it is not quite so, if not, it is not so. PAC-2 missiles, as well as PAC-3 missiles, can not solve the puzzles that are pinned on the GBI, which impressively confirmed in Room 105-106, "NG" for May 28-29 this year ("Moscow and Warsaw are working complexes").

But if this is all because of the newspaper told readers last chief of staff of the Head SRF Colonel-General Viktor Esin, but it does not have the competence to fluctuate, then why such harsh criticism of a study Patriot batteries in the town of Morong from Russian politicians? The reason, in my opinion, the ordinary. Moscow wants to exchange the South American missiles in Poland to Russian complex C-300 "Favorite" in Iran. For all the hype and propaganda sonorous rhetoric sounds pretty common idea: you are against our will — missiles in Poland, we are against your — missiles to Iran. Means we're even. Just business and nothing personal.

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