Rogozin denies that the fire on the nuclear submarine Yekaterinburg billion-dollar damage caused

Rogozin denies that the fire on the nuclear submarine "Yekaterinburg" billion-dollar damage caused

Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy Prime Minister, considers the information shown in the media that the loss from a fire on nuclear submarine "Yekaterinburg" is more than 1 billion rubles, unreliable.

"As to the amount of damage you need to use the official information, not data Dmitrievny Claudia women, which is prone to exaggeration" — wrote in his own Twitter microblog Rogozin.

"Suffered the underwater part of the first section, there is the antenna and radome SJC. After fault detection will start refurbishment ", — wrote the Deputy Prime Minister.

"Repairs are going to start in June. It will be combined with the planned restoration of the technical life, and which should have started in 2013, "- wrote Rogozin.

"Northern Fleet will be returned to the modernized submarine, which extended resource", — he said.

Also Rogozin said the other day inspection conducted jointly with Vladimir Vysotsky, the commander in chief of the Navy.

"The boat passed from the victim on the outside of the torpedo to the reactor. Communicated with the commander of the ship and the crew, "- he wrote.

Gaze newspaper reported that a source in the Russian defense industry on the results of the Interagency Commission to clarify the events and circumstances of the accident, said that as a result of fire on the nuclear submarine "Yekaterinburg" was destroyed sonar system of the vessel and harm surpasses billion.

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