Rogozin denounced journalists misinformation

In the week one of the epicenters of attention associated with the Russian defense industry was Dmitry Rogozin. And if you read precisely, the epicenter — a scandal over the publication in one of the pochetaemyh Russian media. Edition, referring to some of the sources of disk imaging environment vice-premier Rogozin, published an article in which they say that Rogozin Tipo decided to do some-independent group of professionals led by him as part of the Military-Industrial Commission. This group, Tipo again, was to deal with the assessment of new military technology and products, the purchase of which the government is wasting a lot of money. Rogozin subjected to such publication of obstruction and said the establishment of an "independent expert group" within the military-industrial complex — is journalistic speculation, but who is the "source close to him" which informed the newsmen such information, he (Rogozin) do not know. "Is that the cleaning lady," — wrote in his own tweet Deputy Prime Minister.

Rogozin has exposed journalists to misinformation

It must be said that even before the official comment on the creation of the one which happened virtual, independent expert group, many Russian military experts expressed doubts (that is, about the effectiveness of the work of the Commission.) Reasons were different. We list some of them.

Reason first. Such a commission could obviously not be independent because disk imaging on all of the same unnamed source from the "Rogozin environment" implied that the expert group should over time merge into the structure of the MIC. And then, indeed, it is difficult to argue. In our country the situation is such that hardly taken separately sector state agencies, have it on the status of even three times independent, fails to work, subject only to the interests of the country and not to roll on the "advice" of the General Council of the same military-industrial complex. After all, at some point, this "independent" group come specify exactly how "independent" should work, especially if it's a question of spending billions of dollars of money allocated for the Ministry of Defence.

Reason second. This commission It may be evident aimed at Russian producer. It would seem that in this disgusting. But there is one "but" … How often do they say ordinary manufacturers of devices for military equipment, defense management companies are doing it at inflated prices because thinks that at some point, the Defense Ministry is still exactly these products and purchase. In other words, that the hypothetical-independent expert group in the defense industry, which could be created, it is risky to just stay out of work. After comparing something to her counterparts military equipment from different manufacturers are unlikely to have. Well, we do not have, unfortunately, or fortunately, the fierce competition in the military-industrial market. From time to time, not even a pair of competing companies that produce, in fact, similar, products. Although at the time of the Union of Russian was not, but there is a frank and responsibility for the hack of the security borders of the motherland, you see, was somewhat different.

These were the reasons "against." But there are reasons and "for".

Namely created commission would really matter (as in the current general criteria may be) to carry out technological and financial expertise delivered to Russian army products. In all this is a commission could fully assess and foreign military purpose products coming under the contracts in Russia. In connection with this is to give one example: the commission identifies deficiencies, for example, the Russian manufacturer and comes to the conclusion that zabugornye production in this class, you can purchase our home is above the level of Russian property. It is not necessary to be regarded as a manifestation of anti-patriotism of the people who worked in the independent commission. This, however, will be able to act as an incentive for Russian companies to continue to increase the quality of their products, knowing that in the back already breathe zabugornye rivals. The real and unbiased examination of products would act a good arm, so that the substantial absence of domestic competition from the scope of our business defense work more efficiently.

In addition, the presence of independent expert committee could assist in regulating the prices of individual parts of the state defense order. The materials posted on this Web site, "Military Review" has repeatedly touched upon the specific differences in prices between the Ministry of Defense and defense companies. With all this on offer to make specific group of experts capable of generating a reasonable estimate of the unit price of the latest military technology. It would be possible to get rid of the sudden appearance in the estimates of the amounts that would be superior to the initial agreement in a number of times, which is now often the case.

Due to the fact that the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin himself denied that the creation of independent groups of professionals within the military-industrial complex can take place, is to rely on the fact that the defense industry is already such experts who are ready to carry out the work indicated. In the end, completely unprincipled how this structure will be called or have called, and important real effect of its activities. And this effect is real — Procurement truly high-quality arms to save the country's defense without tilting to the mindless arms race with zabugornom countries.

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