Rogozin, fiction, how to count the price of military equipment

Rogozin figured out how to calculate the price of military equipment

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has brought the price formula, which should solve the problem of the pricing of military equipment to Russia. Rogozin believes that the cost should be calculated taking as a base the cost of the most experienced and continue using the standard reduction factors.

Speaking at the Federation Council last week, Deputy Prime Minister explained the existing difficulties here. He said that it is impossible to associate the latest model with Western standards, because "in the West, it will be in a couple of times more expensive. A associated with the model already produced in Russia, too, is impossible, as we did 20 years did not make. "

I must say that military experts are driven Rogozin in disbelief. As the chief editor of the magazine "Arsenal" Victor Murakhovski, the Ministry of Defence in the cost of military products does not include many important costs such as travel of employees munitions factories during the test.

Murakhovski cited an example: when the Voronezh plant "Constellation" conducted tests ESU TK, Alabino "sitting almost 100 people a month. Can you imagine what it means? "

According to him, in the calculation of the reference price most experienced military base charge for the average wages of workers in that region, where the munition factory. Very often in the defense industry companies in order to attract qualified personnel, we have to raise the level of wages that the military is treated as inefficient management.

An important role is played here and mobilization reserve defense companies: in some areas it is superior to ninety percent of the production capacity of the plant.

Murakhovski noted that on average, companies have to keep 25-30 percent of capacity. He pointed out that in ship this volume is much smaller, because there are a large production run. And in tank opposite: the mobilization reserve more. But the most large fraction — in small arms.

As the managing director of the Center for Military Forecasting Anatoly Tsiganok, create a system for evaluating the cost of prototypes technology.

He noted that in addition to the price of materials should anticipate and what plants need to build technique and prepare employees. Hence, the reduction factor of the prices of standard benchmarks should was different.

The pricing formula for military products, he said, should take into account the specifics of production, and all the accessories.

He saw that the Ministry of Defence did not curious as defense companies prepare personnel where they get the equipment. The Ministry is only needed military equipment. "And, — said the gypsy women — some specifics were not taken into account. For example, the Defense Ministry is not interested in the carriage of helicopter engines is separate from the helicopter. They need a ready-made helicopter. As a result, there is a misunderstanding. "

The expert also highlighted the need to plan for military spending — more than three 10-ka years. Long-term planning will allow companies to truly re-allocate funds to their own production.

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