Rogozin has brought the proposal to establish an agency to assess the risk of national security

Rogozin made a proposal to establish an agency to assess threats to national securityIn RF soon to be a new agency, whose main task will be the strategic planning process to assess threats to national security and Russia. This was announced on Saturday, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. According to him, specifically, such a structure should undertake the development of long-term strategies for the development of science and economics. He also noted that, at this point, no one in Russia is engaged in medium-and long-term planning. From the message Rogozin could come to the conclusion that it would be new government agency, but a bit later, he clarified that there will do without officials.

His idea of Deputy Prime Minister announced at a meeting of the Academy of Military Sciences. According to him, placed ITAR-TASS, the Russian Government should organize a new agency strategic analysis and planning, which will assess the prospects for the development of the security situation, determining the likely hazards and danger to the state's defense capability and technological independence of the Russian Federation for a period of 30 years, or more.

And in his own microblog Rogozin noted that this structure will exist under the auspices of the Scientific and Technical Council, working in the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of Russia. New agency in the government consist not be. Also, Deputy Prime Minister mentioned that generated agency academic structure will be faster, if the bureaucracy, because the bureaucracy has destroyed more than one correct undertaking.

As planned, Rogozin brand new structure will develop strategies for major military, scientific, technological and economic trends in the development of the Russian Federation on the designated date. On the basis of these strategies, it will generate forecast the needs of the Armed Forces in weaponry and forms of armed struggle. Will also be a development of the Industrial and Technological Development of the Russian defense industry.

Rogozin noted long ago that there is a need for more complete and efficient assessment of threats to the security of the country. To solve this prepyadstviya requires a systematic approach in the implementation of its national scale, taking into account the political, diplomatic, economic, informational, and other activities.

According to the vice-premier, at this point, similar questions for medium and long-term planning is not solved in Russia in full, because this initiative in almost all innovative.

Also Rogozin promised that RF will be built three new plants that will be engaged in the creation of missile-defense systems for military space forces. According to him, the issue was worked at the meeting in the "Almaz-Antey", which also open a discussion on the likely prospects for carrying out various development works.

And in Moscow, according to the deputy prime minister, build a factory for the production of modern models of small sniper guns. How Rogozin said on Feb. 16 it planned co-operative visit with the Chairman of the Commission on Defense and Security Council of the Federation and the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense on a new plant in Moscow. He also noted that the implemented technology and equipment of the plant exceeds all enterprises in Europe.

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