Rogozin has shown a NATO base

Rogozin has shown "a NATO base"

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin arrived in Ulyanovsk on the opening of the second international air transport forum. After the usual press approach Rogozin suddenly offered to journalists to go on a "sightseeing trip" — have a look, "NATO base", which in the near future will not read only lazy. "I wish to dot the i", — said Deputy Prime Minister.

Not far from the structure of the airport "Ulyanovsk — East" posted temporary storage (temporary storage). Two hangars with the neighborhood (with a total area of three thousand square meters) is surrounded by a fence with stitching wire. "This is an area of limited access to the goods. Right to be here are only certain people on the list. Loads are stored here before rastamozhat them, then they are taken away," — says an employee TSW.

At this point inside the hangars are packaging created for plants — residents located near the industrial zone "Volga".

— Here is a list of products which is currently in storage. There are chocolates "Mars" — they are very secure in combat forces are assigned, — joked the Deputy Prime Minister. — Here is the one and "NATO base" stroll fighters are guns and tanks …

In fact, the final decision on the arrangement of "logistics pt" (referred to as a possible object Rogozin) Even as it is not. According to the vice-premier, the Russian government was considering this question a couple of times, put off making a final decision. "In particular, and in view of the waves, which has been in the community," — says Rogozin. And the wave was really "echoing" — Ulyanovsk been several protests against the deployment of "the NATO base."

Under the government of the Russian Federation has created a special group, which is headed by the Minister of Transport Maxim Sokolov. In recent times, may be, the MFA will come to end with a stage of negotiations.

— It is a matter of national security, and therefore developed a pattern. Transit can be solely in the form as we obmyslili: an exceptional role only Russian carriers like air and train. We must have access to the goods themselves — we need to be aware of what is transported. Unacceptable appearance of some of the foreign staff. We are afraid of falling into the containers of drugs. We have the case in the Russian time when some moonlighting as military in Afghanistan. Because every right to inspection of all cargo that will go through our area — is a fundamentally important point. Maybe we will use GLONASS, to keep under control the movement of each container — said Rogozin. — By the way, the troops — is not only an instrument and personnel. It's also rear — tents, military camps, furniture, food and much more about what I have not once joked. At the same time let's see, what have they been.

According to the vice-premier, NATO transit not only to bring the Russian Federation (and the Ulyanovsk region) huge amounts of money:

— First, we will have the information about what actually happens in Afghanistan, in order to realize whether Americans really go from there. Very basically realize its national interests. And they are in fact so much use of geographical advantages of the Russian Federation for the creation of aviation, railway and, potentially, auto corridors. We need to develop our network of roads — air, sea, land, that the West was getting used to, to carry products through us. We'll be so earn money. The organization of the transit of goods allowed in the Russian Federation, in line with our interests.

"NATO" project, with its successful implementation, according to the views of Rogozin, can become a "business card", an advertisement for "Ulyanovsk — the East." There will be created a real hub — a transport interchange and transshipment hub. The scheme of the proposed transit is as follows: plane brings the containers are unloaded and stored (presumably from 3 to 5 days) on the TSW. Then they were overwhelmed at the railway platform and sent to a Russian port.

— If we create a logistics center, where three types of transport (air, car, train), will be able to haul cargo from China to the Far East and so on. It will be a good option for keeping in touch with the Central Asian republics — Rogozin explained. — We weighed and analyzed and concluded that the need to do such project. And do not just do — for that you need and more "fight."

According to store employees, the Yankees had a condition that may be available to them in Ulyanovsk. If transit goes, the area TSW increase to 10 thousand square meters.

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