Rogozin is not allowed to purchase the Italian wheeled tanks

Rogozin will buy Italian wheeled tanks

After firing range near Moscow two standard Italian wheeled tanks Centauro, who purchased the Ministry of Defense for review and possible purchase of the whole lot for the needs of troops, will move into the category of test specimens to improve the Russian defense industry, write "News".

"Despite the zeal of the chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov and ex-Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov to smuggle in troops Italian armored vehicles, it will not be implemented at the level of Dmitry Rogozin, which now will oversee the purchase of equipment for the troops. Seasoned standards will be sent to the representatives of the industry study ", — told a source in the General Staff.

According to him, apart from Alabino where the machine will examine the ability to move and shoot, "Centaur" experience at the range of about Cuban women, which will test its security, and Bronnitsi, which created an obstacle to wheeled vehicles.

The tests involved two standards — one with a gun, 105 mm, and the other — the caliber of 125 mm. Apart from these 2-armored vehicles, the purchase agreement provides for the supply of more of the same 2-machines.

Basically Armor Management confirmed that no part of the machine will be equipped with Centauro. But just this decision will be formalized after the shooting.

"According to the test results will take final decision. At this point in the supply Centauro troops We know nothing, "- said the representative of GABTU.

The Army troops who could get Italian tank, were not able to assess the prospects of this machine in the ranks.

"We have not so long ago refused to buy our Russian BTR-90, who also has a powerful gun. Do we need such a machine and how to make war on it, try to understand the process of testing. While no rated yet, "- said a senior Army.

According to him, the only thing Centauro superior tanks — is undermining the vitality of the crew in a mine. "When blasting crew from below caterpillar dies as a powerful blow to the caterpillar calls the pressure drop. I just wheeled machine pulls the wheel. But there is much less armor. "

According to the views of professional tank, the head editor of the magazine "Arsenal Fatherland" Victor Murakhovski, Centauro could complement armored forces as agile and strong car defense.

"Centaurs" move almost three times faster tanks. They can be used for sporting promotion to unsafe areas. Of course, this completely change the tanks machine can not ", — explained Murakhovski.

According to him, as a material for the study will be useful Centauro Russian defense industry in the development of wheeled platform "Boomerang".

"The interest of designers will produce different engineering solutions that are applied Italians: box design, the placement of sections and systems, stabilization device, which allows the car to stay on the wheels after the shot," — explained Murakhovski.

According to him, it is expected that the first access to the machines will have experts at the 21 th Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the test, then the equipment will be given military-industrial company that makes BTR, "Tigers" and other wheeled armored vehicles, and write "News".

On Saturday, the first deputy chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of the Russian Federation Yuri Borisov said that the Russian military has long they say about wanting to use a wheeled tanks.

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