Rogozin promises to punish implicated in the illegal privatization of the defense industry

Rogozin promises to punish involved in the illegal privatization of the defense industryDeputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who oversees the government of the military-industrial complex, has promised to achieve punishment of all those involved in the illegal privatization of the defense industry of Russia.

"I have already forwarded the documents to certain assets of the defense-industrial complex, which had been privatized most coarse way, while insolently — so that the people who did it, they completely lost their fear. As if the thought that these dastardly 20 years time will last forever . They even invented a scheme nezamudrenye. Currently, all documents in the prosecutor's office. Personally, I'll keep under control, so we were real lists of names, first name and patronymic, "- said Rogozin on air programs from" Sunday Night with Vladimir Soloviev. "

Deputy Prime Minister said that now in the aircraft, gallakticheskoy, defense industry will rule, a kind of reddish boxes for which no one is allowed to enter.

"As the director of the company but the owner, it defensive object. We previously director of companies in several sectors of our industry, including gallakticheskoy had wage 5,000,000 rubles per month, while the enterprises, people received at the same time from 15 to 25 thousand rubles, "- see the source Solovyov.

Rogozin recalled that in December 2010, the President of the Russian Federation approved the municipal development program from the arms to the volume of financing of about 20 trillion rubles. The purpose of the FTP-2020 is the modernization of the defense industry in accordance with the LG puzzles. Almost 3 trillion rubles will be focused on training the industry — to retool.

"In principle, it is not what funds are invested in defense industry. Fundamentally, that is not stolen and izderzhali with the brain — so that every penny given ruble. Why invest principally in the defense industry — as always it has been the locomotive of the entire industry, "- said the deputy chairman of the Russian government.

Rogozin noted that in 2020 our homeland should be armed with up to 70% new instrument. The greatest discrepancy with all this — the technological backwardness of companies. Deputy Prime Minister pointed out that realistic to achieve the highest product properties, if the industry is not a single technical policy. Rogozin mentioned in all of this that there are several plants produce about similar products, and keep control of the entire line, the entire range of products, is unrealistic.

"And everything is done on the old machines. If you have previously gospriemka each manufactured items, at this point you need to keep control of the technology, so the machine was working on this program there. Then it will be churning out those details and keep under control is not necessary. Control Quality starts with the management of technology, and this is necessary to radically upgrade to new equipment, "- said Rogozin.

He cited some figures about the defense industry country, noting with all this, they do not completely reflect the real situation in a number of circumstances.

"This," the average temperature in the clinic. "Average wages in the defense industry — in the range of 30 thousand rubles, which is low. Average age of an employee of the defense-industrial complex — 46 years, but this stately old men and fledgling young and middle generation is not. Altogether in the defense industry employs 2 million people in some places, 1,353 thousand and defense businesses (in the country). Some of the companies are new, as a brand, and some look like stalkers "- custom made deputy chairman of the statistics.

Responding to a question Solovyov why invested in gallakticheskuyu branch funds eventually end up "on the days of the ocean" Rogozin noted that all gallakticheskaya technique that gave the last 18 months, crashes (there were seven accidents over this period) was used not now and not yesterday, but much earlier. According to the views of the vice-premier, gallakticheskaya branch suffers from those problems, which were laid in gallakticheskoy industry 5-7 years ago.

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