Rogozin: Russia can do to fund promising defense research

Rogozin: Russia may create a fund the Defense Advanced ResearchRIA Announcements. Russian analog Agency promising research Department of Defense (DARPA), which planned for the last time, will have to make a tool that will not catch zabugornye standards in the technological level, and will overtake them for years, said in an interview with the magazine "National defense" Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

Military-Industrial Commission under the Russian government has already finished drafting a bill to develop a defense fund promising research projects, which will be similar to the South American agency DARPA. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the document is currently being considered by the Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, later it will be oriented to the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, and then — in the State Duma.

"The task of this structure will inform the management of the country on those projects that can give us not only the equation with other military powers, and will ensure our an advantage. Specifically, this is the our global task — to reach advantages," — said Rogozin.

He added that the Russian agency will also consider the risk of technological backwardness and technological dependence of the Russian Federation of the other powers. According to the views of the vice-premier, brand new Russian first structure should be "close niches where we are lagging behind technologically." According to him, this element base metal, armor, special chemicals and ammunition.

Rogozin I saw that Russia does not need to think about what they are doing in the United States, France and Germany now, "that they will have in 30 years." This requires foresight, forecasting and strategic intelligence that posodeystvuyut RF win, said Deputy Prime Minister.

"We must abandon the idea of" catch up and overtake "… It is necessary to calculate the course of the armed struggle with the prospect of up to 30 years to find this point, go for it. Realize that we need to prepare tool, not tomorrow or even day or day after tomorrow, and the historic week in advance, and that "cut corners", "- he said.

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