Rogozin wants to run a flywheel Russian industry

Rogozin is going to launch the flywheel of the Russian industryDeputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin told the media about the values of the fight against corruption in the defense and space industries, as the objectives that he wants to achieve by working on your own post. He did it on the air applets "Posner" on Channel One.

Government decided to seriously tackle corruption, said the deputy head of the Cabinet. As a bureaucrat said, inviting him to the position of deputy prime minister Dmitry Medvedev read to him about the fight against corruption and gave him all necessary instructions and opportunities in this regard.
"When I came to Dmitry Medvedev Anatol'evichu at the end of December last year (he invited me to his own office, in Gorky, and made an offer to join the government), then we have a voice from him about the fight against corruption," — said Rogozin.

He added that he could not, without the consent of the Prime Minister to open all the details of the conversation, but he was given all the necessary instructions and opportunities in this regard. The same is later confirmed by Vladimir Putin. "Because if we'd joked with corruption, I would not work in this job, "- identified Rogozin.

"To restore order in this sphere, we should not just grab someone by the tail and drag on the freshest air, showing it to everyone, most importantly — make the rules under which this kind of embezzlement, bribery, nepotism will be kept to a minimum. Absolutely not disappear, Naturally, there is no such "- quoted the deputy head of the government, ITAR-TASS reported.

We were talking about plans for the next Rogozin office. Deputy Prime Minister said that he had no further zeal to fight for the presidency. "I have no presidential ambitions in general — has allocated bureaucrat. — But I have ambitions in the fact that I currently do. Other words I I wish a couple of years to work on the post, which I currently occupy, and which I was entrusted to do so, that in 3-4 years we have earned the flywheel Russian industry. "

According to Rogozin, the fact that he travels around the country, wrote her article and fighting corruption in no way states his desire to run for president.

"It gives me great creative, Prof. pleasure work the team of President Putin. I am very comfortable work the team Prime Dmitry A. Medvedev, — concluded Rogozin. — Trust me there, I was lozhut some hope. I wish to justify those hopes. The role of these games on the presidential ambitions I was not interested. "

He added that if such was the enthusiasm, it would not have worked in the government. "I would honestly said that I had other ideas, thoughts. I go sformirovyvaetsya political party. All the more so that at the moment it is not so difficult — explained the Deputy Prime Minister. — But I do not wish at this time to think about it. Since I'm a substantive Deputy Prime Minister. I have been doing their own work, and I think I have some rudiments of results. "

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