Russia considers unacceptable behavior Minsk


Lavrov said Russia's participation in the development of the recent decision of the European Council:

"We are actively involved in the development of solutions of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe in mid-January — a decision that adopted unanimously, and which requires the immediate release of the arrested presidential candidates, journalists and human rights, to enforce Human Rights and political freedoms, respect for European values and principles. We expect that our Belarusian colleagues will respond promptly and positively to this consensus decision of the Council of Europe. "

At the same time Lavrov said that Russia does not support the isolation of Belarus.

"We are convinced that it is necessary to solve these problems through the promotion of dialogue, which drew to Belarus in multilateral processes, thereby helping to promote economic reforms and strengthen democracy in this country. To solve these problems by unilateral sanctions that are taken for political reasons, to worsen the socio-economic situation — it's not that way, "- said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

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