Russia has developed a three-dimensional interface of the future

November 24, 2011 15:34

The Russian company has created a working prototype DisplAir bezekrannogo touch screen. "Misty» 3D-display, as it is called creators, released into the air by special projector. This results in a display similar to the one run by Tom Cruise's character in the movie "Minority Report."

DisplAir can display virtually any image, including HD-video or still image. Released "mist" (environmentally friendly and safe, say the developers) affects the human senses — you can feel, hear and even smell.
"Air" display also supports multitouch, that is, multiple gestures. Responsible for their reading sensor infrared camera. DisplAir respond to the slight delay — 0.2 seconds (for comparison, the Microsoft Kinect — 0,1 seconds).
In contrast to the grand gestures, which have successfully addressed gaming systems, "mist" is able to recognize up to a thousand points of contact to the nearest centimeter. The workspace 3D-screen can vary from 40 to 140 inches.
DisplAir first commercial products are unlikely to appear soon — now the startup is looking for investors. As expected, the "air" displays will cost $ 4 thousand to 30 thousand dollars.
Technology DisplAir won in the finals of innovative technology projects "Cup Technovation", which was held on November 11 in Moscow. The project was awarded in two categories — "Best Technovation" and "Best Marketing of the project."

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