Russia will flood the freezing rain

Russia will flood the freezing rainForecasters earlier PROMISED Russia two babih summer, assured that after the warm September will be as comfortable in October, but the November thaw will bring into the European territory of Russia freezing rain.
"We will go into the winter gently with thaws," — told reporters the head of the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Roshydromet) Alexander Frolov. In October, the weather in the Eastern European and Russian territories is warm enough, a little lower than normal temperatures can sink to the Urals and Western Siberia.

In November the weather conditions will be close to normal, but at the expense of periodic thaw possible precipitation in the form of freezing rain, as happened in some areas of central Russia in the past year. Recall that such abnormal for our country weather phenomenon led to serious consequences. Freezing rain which has fallen in the last week of December 2010, the Capital Region, has led to continuity of power lines. About 400 thousand people were left without electricity, and the damage of Power of weather anomalies was 1.1 billion rubles.

In much of European Russia thaw not expected until November, but in December, and in March of next year, the head meteorologist. A warm autumn change of stability cold. "It will be quite harsh, cold winter," — said Alexander Frolov. He added that in most of the Russian winter will be snowy, but the level of precipitation is difficult to predict.

In December 2011, the temperature in most of the regions will be close to normal, RBC reports. After the new year freeze will come to the European part of Russia, and late in the metropolitan area. According to weather forecasts, in January next year in Moscow and the region is expected 12 — 14 frost days, when the temperature will fluctuate around a mark of -20 ° C, for one — two days, it is possible transient temperature drop to below -30 ° C.

Despite the extreme cold, December — it is the last month before the new year, the time of gifts and joy. Men's rings made of silver — a great gift for this holiday, and most importantly memorable. Prices will pleasantly surprise you that it is impossible to say the following for the month of January.

February also remembered the Russians large differences of temperature anomalies. The last month of the winter will be cold enough in the north-west of the country, and here in the Urals temperature will be above normal. Residents of the north-western region of Russia severe frosts this winter will not get any in January — February, is expected to seven — eight days with temperatures below -15 ° C, for one — two days for a short term drop in temperature to below -25 ° C.

Extreme cold this winter will come to Novosibirsk and Yakutsk. The air temperature in Novosibirsk most of the winter, according to Frolov, will be held at around -15 ° C. Below -25 ° C and the thermometer will drop to 12 — 13 days, and up to -30 ° C frost will increase by about 15 — 16 days. In Yakutsk, the coldest period is expected in January 2012. About 14 days the temperature in the region will range at -45 … -60 ° C. About five days, the same weather holds in Yakutia in December and February.

According to the head of Roshydromet winter cold will go directly to the end of the calendar season. According to preliminary estimates, in 2012, Russians is prompt and warm spring.

The analysis of climate data enables the probability 68% — 70% to the conclusion that for the six months of the cold half of the year in most parts of Russia are expected temperature background about averages, according to the website of the Federal Service for gidrometeologii and environmental monitoring. The average temperature during the heating period 2011 — 2012 years. across Russia will be close to the average of the previous heating season.

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