Russian Air Force received four Sukhoi Su-34

Dec. 12
Four series of front-line bomber Su-34 took to the skies from the runway airfield Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association named. Chkalov (NAPO) (Holding Company "Sukhoi") and went to the place of their deployment at the air base in Voronezh.


Two more aircraft will arrive here in the next few days. Delivery is carried out within the framework of a prisoner in the 2008 five-year government contract to supply 32 Su-34 for the Department of Defense.

Delivery is carried out within the framework of a prisoner in the 2008 five-year state contract for thirty-two Su-34 Russian Defense Ministry. Nine combat vehicles of this type were delivered earlier military aviators.
In the future, the Su-34 will replace the fleet currently in service facing frontline bombers Su-24.

The Su-34 is able to effectively defeat regardless of the time of day and weather conditions in any geographic area land, sea and air targets with the use of the whole range of airborne munitions, including high precision. Combat capabilities, he belongs to a generation 4 + aircraft.

"Having him on the active safety system, along with the latest computers has created additional opportunities to pilot and navigator to guide precision bombing, maneuver under fire", — explained the creators of the aircraft.

Large capacity internal fuel tanks, super-efficient bypass engines with a digital control system, in-flight refueling, as well as suspension of additional fuel tanks provide aircraft flying long distances approaching the mid range flights of strategic bombers. The aircraft is equipped with highly intelligent system of radar countermeasures and defense. Crew cab is armored. The machine can perform combat missions at low altitude.

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