Russian bears destroy Chinese smugglers

Brown bearMOSCOW, November 28 — RIA Novosti. Smuggling bear paws and gall from Russia to China causes the death of about a thousand brown bears in Russia every year, told RIA Novosti on Monday, the program coordinator for the conservation of the Amur branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia Sergey Aramilev.

"Every year in Siberia killing five hundred to a thousand bears for bile extraction and paws. Last used in China for cooking soup. Resulting product comes from Yakutia, Primorye, from Kamchatka. Everything comes to the border and carried a few points," — he said.

As explained by an expert in Oriental medicine is that the bear bile helps to treat burns, tumors, including cancers, as well as asthma, liver diseases. Popular in China soup bear paws also supposedly has healing properties.

"Of course, bear bile and paws are expensive. But in China it is very middle class grows, it becomes more rich people who are willing to spend much money on their health. But every gall bladder — it killed the bear," — said the director of the Russian office of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Maria Vorontsov.

According Aramileva, illegal mining bears for body parts by the number of animals killed is twice the allowed quota for local hunters.

"Residents in Siberia sell dried gall bladders of animals Chinese buyers-and the meat and skin of a bear also sell or use themselves. Poachers often leave a dead animal carcass in the woods, taking only what they need," — said the expert.

Dry bear bile is a small bag and can be easily hidden in a smuggler things that are very difficult at the border check, explained project coordinator for the Conservation of WWF Russia Natalia Dronov.

"Bile in baggage can detect only dogs that are trained to search for the smell of animals. Paws easier to detect because they have to be transported in special circumstances, often frozen in special containers" — explained Dronov.

She stressed that the recent bear paws are transported in bulk, for a few hundred pounds.

"Feet are sometimes carry salted, not in the cold, it is much easier. In 2010, the party was delayed in 515 pounds in two trucks, then — batch of 150 kilograms, near Khabarovsk, and at other times — 200 pounds," — representative said.

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