Rybinsk, a piranha infested river Sheksna

Rybinsk was an unusual occurrence.
August 25 morning, local fishermen engaged in fishing industry, was brought to the market to take a night Mytnaya catch. This time, the network caught mostly perch, roach and bream. However, one odd big fish immediately attracted the attention of the mistress of the market.

— This fish just no one will buy — and decided to isolate the unknown woman with many fin fish in a bucket.

To dispel any doubts, the woman carried the bucket of fish on zoovystavku, which is located close to an expert on fish Leonid Kurakin. Hardly a man looked at her, as once suggested — it piranha, inhabitant of South American waters. And this kind of piranhas, according to him, is not dangerous to humans. These exotic fish in recent years, many have to keep the house in conventional tanks.

Dr. Kurakin put fish in a separate tank, gave a higher dose of oxygen, and it came to life. Now this piranha from the Volga became a full exhibits.

As an unusual visitor came to the southern Volga and most importantly — how she managed to survive at a temperature of about 15 degrees, we can only guess. According to Kurakin someone a fish, probably to keep the house, and then for some reason it decided to release the Volga.

— If piranha could take root in our cold waters, it means only one thing — really coming global warming. And perhaps soon in the Volga River, many new and diverse species of fish — sure zoovystavki owner.
Text: Galina Onuchina
Source: Channel Rybinsk-40, KP.RU — Yaroslavl

Reference from Wikipedia:

Sheksna? — A river in the Vologda region of Russia, left tributary of the Volga. Length of 139 km, the basin area of 19 thousand km ². Originates from White Lake, flows into the Rybinsk Reservoir.

Until the mid-XX century, the river had a length of about 395 km, but now as the river is preserved only in a small section of the village to Sheksna Cherepovets (the largest settlement on it), as the upper reaches of the river flooded Sheksninskoe Reservoir and the lower the Rybinsk reservoir . Preserved as a small area of the old riverbed Sheksna in Rybinsk in its historical mouth — between Rybinsk hydro and Volga.


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